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HRH 11 Day 1


HRH 11 Day 1

The official opening ceremony started with the fire dancers from the awards show, and then on to a Midlands five piece with three former members of Black Rose Cadillac who now call themselves Ryders Creed.

Being the first band of the event I expected the crowd not to be very big, I was wrong, the place was very full with the Ryders fans. Straight off the bat, confident lead vocalist Ryan Hulme was gyrating and jumping around and the band delivered loud hard rock to all the people, who were enjoying every moment of their set. Winners of the HRH battle of the bands awards they now have a five year two album deal with Off Yer Rocker recordings, and thoroughly deserved.What a fantastic start to the event.

Next up Idlewar, an American band and a total change in direction of sound, a stoner rock band playing songs from from their self titled first album. This band from Orange County are creating a big following with their mix of fusion rock.

Third band up; Killcode from New York who play southern infused rock with a modern twist sung with a confident swagger by lead vocalist Tom Morrissey and guitarist Chas. This band are going to be big.

Next up the Australian band. Black Aces, a very popular young four piece with an AC/DC vibe. They have been to HRH before so many knew what to expect, they played songs from their new second album Anywhere But Here which was produced by the legendary Mark Opitz [AC/DC, Inxs, Kiss], so they are in good hands.

Wayward Sons next, former Gun, Fastway, Toby Jepson’s band showcased their debut album Ghosts Of Yet To Come with fast power metal guitar and had the crowd jumping and wanting more.

The final act of the night Dee Snider. They don’t call this man a legend for nothing, As soon as he came on he introduced the band, “I want to get these f**ing formalities out of the way and do what you Muthas came here to see me for..” Man did he do that, all the famous Twisted Sister songs and many from his solo albums but his performance all night had the crowd going wild. When he sang We Ain’t Gonna Take It, every one in the packed out venue including myself joined in to the point where I nearly lost my voice. By the end of the night, Dee’s stage presence and overall showmanship had raised the bar so high that it was going to be very hard for the other bands to match it.

An amazing first day.


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