Kane’d/ Stoneface @ Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow Nov19


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Kane’d/ Stoneface @ Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow


Kane’d/ Stoneface @ Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow

Once again Shock City done Glasgow proud. They put on consistently good shows and tonight was no different. They are a great place to see the new talent that Glasgow has to offer and for that they should be congratulated. In a world that is all about money they are happy to use funds from other events to ensure Glasgow gets it’s fill of new music.

Tonight we have the very experienced Stoneface on first. The boys brought their A game and a huge chunk of the crowd which may partly be due to singer Stewart ”twinkle toes” Storrie’s birthday. He also requested no presents and money to be donated to Marie Curie. What a top bloke. Not only that he is spiffed up with sparkly silver Doc Martins, a sparkly purple Mic stand and a cracking skeleton t-shirt…this man gives my wardrobe a run for its money.

This band never fail to bring their best and tonight they are on fire. The day they play a bad show is the day the heavens collapse. They kick off the set with “Breathe” and the vibe is set for the whole show.

We also get more tasters from the new album which is still being worked on. I have been lucky enough to hear some demos from this and the album is a real step up for the guys and my absolute favourite “Priestess” is given an outing tonight and it sounds amazing live. We also get to hear “Bleed” and “Spitting Blood” which shows you the heavier direction the boys are taking…this release is going to a cracker.

As well as old and new songs we get the Stoneface take on some covers which, if you have seen them before you know they go down well. “Slither”and set closer “Fortunate Son” are done perfectly. I once had a t-shirt which Stewart needs to buy for its slogan and it basically sums up the band. Youth and talent has no match to age and treachery. The boys have been around the block a few times, they have seen it all and they can still put a gauntlet down to any young band live.

Kane’d are back in Glasgow, a place they are very much loved. Our celtic cousins have visited this city and Scotland many times and they always get a brilliant reception. The fact that they visit us regularly regardless of all those miles from Wales demands our thanks.

I am sure there will be a few people out there who thinks the gigs are attended by middle age perverts just there to glimpse the beautiful sisters but as I know many of the audience tonight I can confirm the pervert bit is correct but we are here for the music well.

I have to be honest the sound struggled a bit tonight, the girl’s mic’s just didn’t seem to be levelled and the drums were overpowering them but it did settle down so it did not ruin the show. A Kane’d show is built on the girls harmonies so to mess that up can have a big impact but luckily the band are more than a listening experience as they are born and bred performers.

They start with solid toe tappers in “321”, “Wasted” and “ Rise” and it hits you how good this bands songs are. I(and the band) make no bones about it that second album Rise is streets ahead of their debut but it still has it’s place and songs like the title track and “So lonely” are far rockier live and are all part of the Kane’d story.

With those albums and songs known well here it was great to hear some new tracks off an album that is seemingly all but complete. “I won’t Bite” and encore “Highway” keep the high standards of “Rise”, they keep the Kane’d vibe and…and…they kick ass. I have played Rise a lot since I first heard the band so I am looking forward to the new release and going by these songs it is just going to get better and better for this group of great people. Part of the love this city has for them is the type of people they are. They always greet you with a smile, a cuddle(yes, even the guys ha ha) and heartfelt thanks for attending. Kane’d will always be welcome in Scotland and I hope it will be very soon they make it back.


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Images and words Ritchie Birnie