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Delta Deep, East Coast (Live)

Delta Deep, East Coast (Live)

Back in 2010 Phil Collen, guitarist with Def Leppard, with his love of

blues and motown was jamming in his living room with his wife Helen’s godmother Debbi Blackwell Cook, who herself had performed with Tesla and Michael Buble.

They soon realised that what they had was pretty special and together with Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert De Lio and drummer Forrest Robinson formed Delta Deep. Phil along with his wife and the others wrote some original songs and included some classsic blues and soul numbers and released their self-titled album Delta Deep in 2015.

This album is due to be re-released on 26th January 2018, the same date as their new album I am reviewing for you now: East Coast Live.

The whole of the album was recorded at the legendary Daryl’s House, of Hall and Oates fame, and includes fifteen brilliant tracks.

With its beautiful production it’s a long time since I have heard a real live album and felt like I was there. Just lay back shut your eyes and listen to the amazing voice of Blackwell Cook; all the songs from the original album are there plus more but this time live.

Led Zep’s Black Dog, Deep Purple’s Mistreated , Black Coffee, and originals like Bang the Lid and Burnt Sally: all delivered with her outstanding voice and along with Collen’s guitar breaks it all comes together in one delightful package.

Listen as Phil and Debbi sing their own version of Judy Clay and William

Bell’s classic Private Number: the album is worth it just for that alone. Debbi has been described as a cross between Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan and when you hear the chops on her you will know why.

If you love the sound of the Delta Blues or the rockier Led Zep then go out and buy this album, I can’t praise it enough. Also included is a DVD of some of the concert, so what more could you ask.

Delta Deep re-release and Delta Deep East Coast Live are both released on 26th January.

The first single from the album, Bless These Blues is soon out for release.

Delta Deep will be touring with Joe Satriani throughout the US east coast from the end of January.

Review by Dave Martin