Inglorious/ Wayward Sons @ 02 Academy, Glasgow Jan28


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Inglorious/ Wayward Sons @ 02 Academy, Glasgow


Inglorious/ Wayward Sons @ 02 Academy, Glasgow


I am sure there are a lot of people out there who have a pop at Steel Panther and I am sure they do not care as tonight is sold out, yes, there may be a party atmosphere, lots of already hammered drunk spandex wearers out there but please think about the bigger story.

Panther have taken two cracking up and coming UK bands on tour and with crowds like this the winners are Inglorious and Wayward Sons. You know what you get with Panther and they would have sold out no matter who was on the bill so it is time for the support to step up!

First up is Wayward Sons and with debit album “Ghosts of Yet to Come” they have burst onto the scene and have a real buzz around them. For me they are the main reason I am here as I have not seen them live before. Live is where a band are made or broke for me. I do not care how good you are on record until they are in front of me on a stage I will not pass proper judgment.

It was a real shame that the awful sound they had tonight tainted that first gig. It was hellish. The band were sound checking as the crowd were getting into the venue. I am surprised this show even went ahead as the bands were traveling from Ireland and the weather was horrific so I will put the sound down to last minute issues.

As I have to take the sound out of the equation it has to be about the songs and the stage presence and most of you will know singer Toby Jepson always had that in abundance. I first saw him and Little Angels in The Venue in Glasgow, a place that has changed name since those day. I luckily found that band early on and they were the sound of the 90s for me. I followed the band all across the UK and I was seriously gutted when they called it a day. I thought as many did they were on the verge of greatness.

Like his former band mate Bruce I have watched their career ever since and neither hit those heights again. I saw Toby in all manner of bands and it just didn’t click for me but with Wayward Sons I think the Ghost of Little angels can finally be put back in its place with fond memories.

I really do think Sons is the real deal but as a caveat to this…I said the same about Colour of Noise who I loved and were awesome live so I don’t always get it right.

The band open with “Alive” and instantly I see the charisma, Toby is back people and bassist Nic Wastell is a powerhouse…I don’t think I have ever seen anyone enjoy a stage as much in my life. This is a real band with real talent and this song proves it.

Next up is the album title track and with its Thin Lizzy tones it was always going to be a winner in Glasgow as Phil was loved like a god here from the moment he walked onto the stage of The Glasgow Apollo with a Scotland football top, he then grabbed the emblem and shouted you are champions…a real hero to us.

This song is brilliant live even with a totally distorted sound. Toby is in his element and I think he knows this is it, he is back. He works the crowd like he always did and for me this is a brilliant thing to witness once again.

Killing Time” comes in with its groovy swagger and this is as close to Little Angels as the band get. It has their early angst, the lyrics as always with Toby are on song. At this point the bad sound is really pissing me off but Toby tells us that there will be a headline UK tour in April and they will be back in the city so my blood settles slightly.

The very short set is closed off with “Until The End” and when I first heard this I thought “Massive Wagons” immediately. The intro is so them and as that band are one of the best live bands in the UK that is a big compliment. The song is choppy and a real corker. With these songs this band will build a career that could reach some serious heights. I am a very happy man.

Inglorious enter the arena to the sounds of TV programme “ Superstars” and I am sure that less than half the people here will remember it but it is a brilliant piece of tongue in cheek from the band.

I cannot believe it was 2015 that I lived and breathed their debut album. For me it was the release of that year and on checking that review I made a bold statement to Andy Copping saying you keep saying where are the next headliners coming from and I give you Inglorious so it was good to see the band slotted onto the Download main stage this year…just watch them climb that ladder.

This band are the real deal, sheer class throughout and even though Nathan takes to the stage like a Rock version of Bruce Forsyth I don’t care. He could perform in a mankini(please don’t Nathan…seriously, no) and he would blow you away.

Who would have thought a reality TV star could actually go out there and pull this shit off? It is obvious that the first thing that hits you is the singer, his amazing voice and his Freddie flamboyance will always draw attention but the band are outstanding. A singer will never make a band and Nathan knew that and surrounded himself with class throughout.

The only thing left from the formula is the songs and Inglorious just laugh in your face and throw gems like “Read All About It” and “Taking The Blame” from recent release but in the live arena it is tracks like “Until I Die” and the amazing “Holy Water”, a song that has classic rock in its veins and blues in its soul.

I am standing here nodding to myself, I was right, this band are going all the way. They are at the forefront of the huge wave of classic rock that is building through the UK, they can steer a path for the smaller bands and let the world see that all the best rock bands come from here as they always have. In every part of the UK the scene is bursting with talent. In Glasgow alone there are so many amazing live bands that could put us on the map once again and this is being replicated the length and breadth of this union.

It is very exciting times for smaller bands and the steps to greatness could be lead by Inglorious, we need standard bearers and we need someone with Freddie mercury’s quirks, voice and flamboyance to sashay a new beginning because mark my words, it is coming.


Images and words Ritchie Birnie





Inglorious/ Wayward Sons @ 02 Academy, Glasgow

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