Motionless in White blow through Mandela Hall Jan16


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Motionless in White blow through Mandela Hall

Motionless in White blow through Mandela Hall Belfast

It was a perfectly cold wet and windy night when Motionless in White and Ice Nine Kills stormed the stage at the Mandela Hall, Belfast. Right on the eve of heavy snow. Fate? Perhaps.

The Mandela Hall was packed, heaving with a young enthusiastic crowd of committed fans delighted to be at the first gig to kick off the tour in Europe.

Ice Nine Kills, a symphonic metalcore band from Boston, Massachusetts took the stage to the packed hall to the delight of those gathered there. There were quite a faithful followers of Ice Nine Kills and this American band’s horror inspired songs called them to worship. As worship it felt, with a euphoric atmosphere the band ploughed through ‘Communion of the Cursed’ ‘Bloodbath and Beyond’, ‘Nature of the Beast’, and ‘The Plot Thickens’. During ‘Bloodbath and Beyond’ the fans were more than delighted that the lead vocalist, Spencer Charnas (the only original founding member) came of the stage and mingled with the front of the undulating mass of fans. On the assault went with ‘Connect the Cuts’, ‘Hell in the Hallways’ inspired by Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’, ‘Enjoy your slay’ another King inspired song based on ‘The Shining’ and they finished their set with ‘Me, Myself and Hyde’.

Charnas’s vocals were on point with growling rage symbiotically linked with smooth pop punk singing. His animated use of the stage was a perfect counterpoint to the rest of the band, as they enchanted the growing crowded mass that lapped up each song

Then came the headliners, Motionless in White. Gothic pop punk metalcore extraordinaire. As the lights dipped the crowd roared in anticipation. And then on came the band to a tumultuous ecstatic reverberation of an animated crowd. This was the reason why everyone was here. As they rumbled through ‘Rats’ ‘Reincarnate’ and ‘Necessary Evil’ the committed and steadfast fans joyously sang along, following Chris “Motionless” Cerulli ‘s vocals. The thumping beat of the drums accompanied by thunderous pounding of the cymbals, the techno industrial backing, the thrumming bass and the heavy melodic guitars mixed with Chris’s vocals had many headbanging along. Each song a perfect pop song length that made sure you were wanting for more as each one finished. These were tightly produced and professionally delivered numbers.

If Tim Burton had been asked to combine Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson to create a new one it would be Motionless in White. Interspersed among the songs two gothic zombiesque queens came on stage to the glee of the crowd, creating an apt Alice Cooper like feel to the show. It felt several times the band were about to burst into ‘This is Halloween’. Which would have fitted perfectly into the set.

Chris’s rage infested heavy guttural growls slotted perfectly alongside his punk pop vocals as they continued to pump out perfectly ‘Soft’, ‘Loud’, ‘Abigail’ and ‘570’.

Stopping every so often to chat to the crowd, in these chats he took the opportunity to thank the crowd for putting up such a fight to get them there, as the original tour did not include Belfast. The fans spoke and Motionless in White listened.

Chris fuelled the crowd to fever pitch as he led the crowd to spell out “Fuck Trump” that led into ‘America’, another one of their heavy but catchy tunes that had everyone there singing along in a frenzy of enthusiastic fervour. It was punctuated by the two ghoulish girls firing appropriately looking supersoakersinto the crowd, who lapped it up.

Then came a very good cover of System of a Down’s ‘Chopsuey’ before heading back to ‘Dead as Fuck’, ‘Not My Type’ and ‘Immaculate’. They rounded of the evening with ‘Voices’, ‘Devils Night’ and ‘Eternally Yours’.

It was clear from the very start that Motionless in White were something special. Their diehard fans were enraptured by the performance, so much so many a band would be jealous of such dedication. They sang practically every song as a choir with Chris at the lead keeping them in time. Fans sporadically moshed as if in a tribal trance-like dance that would appease the gods.

The room delighted in grisly musical intent, loving every dark moment of the show. If you weren’t in the metalcore camp to begin with, by the end of the night you would be a convert. Motionless in White expertly combined the pop punk core of Metalcore with a techno industrial feel that just on point. They put on a fantastic show that had everyone exhausted and satisfied by the time they were leaving. If you get the chance to go see Motionless in White, even if you are not a diehard Metalcore fan, go. This is a show you really don’t want to miss.


Review by Ivor Whitten