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Soldiers Of Solace, album We Are Immortal.


Soldiers Of Solace, album We Are Immortal.

Connecticut band Soldiers Of Solace are a five-piece formed in 2015. On vocals: Jason Longo, Jeff Fahy on lead guitar, Luis Cubille on rhythm guitar, Ron Therrien on bass, and finishing the quintet all the way from Italy, Francesco Daniele on drums

When they started out they only had three original songs and played covers for the rest of their set in bars and open mic sessions to small crowds. Fast forward three years and in early January the band signed a record deal with German label Rock’N Growl Records and have since shared the stage with the likes of Scott Stapp of Creed, and Nonpoint.

Now they are about to unleash their blistering debut album onto us entitled We Are Immortal, ten tracks of no-nonsense metal in the styles of Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Sabbath,and even a few black metal growls thrown.in for good measure, it’s all there in one album. From the raucous voice of Longo to the brilliant shredding of Fahey and the double pedalling of Daniele you cannot fail to apreciate how far this band have come and can only go on to better things. They are releasing a single, Naked Truth from the album but every track on there is brilliant in its own special way.

It comes in like a lion with the speed metal sound of Rude Awakening, and leaves like the proverbial lamb with the sad lament Hanna with its Sambora accoustic like intro and wonderful lyrics and vocals .

Soldiers Of Solace, We Are Immortal comes out on 26th January. Go out and buy it, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Review by Dave Martin

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