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Falling Red


Falling Red are a sleaze / speed metal band comprising of Rozey lead vocals and guitars, Dave Sanders drums and vocals, Shane Kirk guitar and vocals, and Mikey Lawless bass guitar and this is their latest album.

It starts off with an eerie spoken intro then immediately smacks you in the face with the excellent The Day I lost my Soul.

This album is not only filled with a mix of power and adrenalin but also has great ballads and accoustic songs, none better than My Town/My City which tells a wonderful story as do many of the songs and is to be commended: there’s not a bad track on it.

Sounding a lot like the post punk metal bands of the 80s and dressed in their glam style Falling Red have produced a great work here with terrific power chords harmonizations and a very strong rhythm section.

A highly reccomended album.

Lost Souls is released on 16th March 2018

Track listing

1 The darkest day (Intro)

2 The day I lost my soul

3 Digital disguise

4 Alive

5 My town,my city

6 Dead

7 Hell in my eyes

8 War in the sky

9 Enemies

10 Beautiful lie

11 Haunted

12 In my head

13 A song for the haters

Review by Dave Martin.