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Kane’d – Show Me Your Skeleton


Kane’d – Show Me Your Skeleton


Welsh rockers Kane’d return with an absolute power house of an album in “Show Me Your Skeleton”. Last album Rise was as it says on the tin…a phoenix rising from the ashes of their debut that although good was pushed in the direction of the label rather than the band, which in turn put pressure on the band with them nearly splitting up. To think that this brilliant album may never have happened is not even contemptible.

Although I am at the other end of the UK in Scotland I am very familiar with this band as they visit us more than the Queen(and she likes her Scottish holidays). I came across them live first which for me is always a great find and I have followed and supported them from that day. It was obvious from that first gig Kane’d were something different and a little bit special.

As I stick on the album I am excited and a little bit nervous as I would hate to be disappointed but that feeling dissipated in seconds with opener “ Invidia”. To be honest I double checked I had the right album on, seriously I double checked as the intro is dark, heavy and the guitars come at you like a chainsaw.

I am seriously impressed, I know guitarist Harry can shred but this is immense. Drum and bass take on a whole new feel and the breakdown and evil vocals work so well from the usual upbeat tracks. I love this track and it has become my favourite in one play.

After I had played the first track about five times on the trot I finally move onto title track and first single “ Show Me Your Skeleton” and this slots into what I would call the Kane’d vibe, the brilliant harmonies, solid beat and a seriously catchy track. A brilliant choice for first single.

“I won’t bite” is next and I do not believe that title, As lovely as these three Welsh lassies are I would not get on the wrong side of them. This track once again has a heavier vibe and I am loving the new direction.

With “Don’t Turn On The Lights” we are treated to the bands darker side lyrically. This was another reason I was drawn to the band as they can jump from having you laugh out loud to contemplate your life, your past and your depths just like this song. Another brilliant track to add to their catalogue.

The problem with having three singers is you do not know who the lyrics lie with but rather than an individual I reckon “I do What I Want” is a band song. Like I said before I do not think the girls take any shit along the way, something that the experience from their debut album probably taught them but the guys are not far behind them( I would still fight them before the sisters Kane ha ha).

With “Reckless” we see a real swagger, another change of direction and a bad ass tune. It has its roots in the 80s and it is just as much fun(from what I can remember). We have a cracking, chugging riff and those gorgeous harmonies again and this will fit along with the band’s sing along anthems no problem.

“Hey, Hello” also has a tint of the 80s with its intro and balladic vocals. As the song progresses we get soaring guitar more akin to a symphonic metal track. It is a mid tempo number but the tune and the lyrics grab you in an instance. I am sitting here going this is brilliant, seven tracks in and each one a beauty. The solo on here is also stunning, picture a man in a top hat and you are getting close.

“Never Surrender” once again does the spin the bottle and we get another musical direction with the intro. For me that song title will always remind me of Saxon and I now wonder why the guys have never thought to wear spandex? This is bemusing but back on track the one thing Kane’d has above other bands is the three vocal attack and they use them just as precisely as the dual guitars. The vocals slot with ease from one to the other and when all three come together there is a little slice of heaven calling.

With three girl singers the band have never been scared to delve into the normally male dominated song world of sex. I don’t know why it is avoided in the main, is it a “oh, is this PC? Should we be doing this? Will we be thought less off? But whatever the reason I take my hat off to this group as it is done well. The lyrics always tell you off strengths and weaknesses in equal measure and this is all about lessons learned(or not).

“Angry” is next up and I am off…they sound pissed off. Before I keep this up I have to say you really will not find a nicer bunch in your life(OK, I am covering myself as they are on tour soon). This song seems to have old and new, as I get stuck into this track I can hear Rise but it is twisted into this album. I would love to know if the whole new feel is just progression or a deliberate choice. Whatever the reason it works. Old fans will love it and I expect this to bring on board a whole host of new fans.

This album is so good I cannot believe I am onto the last track in “I’ll Bring you Home”. A beautiful ballad style to start but then the tempo is lifted, the blood is boiling and you get those powerful vocals shredding your ears. This one will be incredible live.

Show Me your Skeleton just came out and wiped the floor with what has went before. I cannot wait to hear these songs live. I love the heavier style, I love the more complicated guitar, I love the pounding rhythm section. This is a real step up for the band and I hope they reap the rewards from the hard work they have put in.

Check out this band now. Beg, borrow or steal the album(from a shop, not the merch stand) as it is a blinder and get out to one of their upcoming shows now…you will not regret it.

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