Raveneye/Skam/Anchor Lane @ King Tuts, Glasgow Feb26


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Raveneye/Skam/Anchor Lane @ King Tuts, Glasgow


Raveneye/Skam/Anchor Lane @ King Tuts, Glasgow


Where is Gene Simmons when you need him? In fact I wish I could round up every single person who runs down the state of rock and metal in this country and happily hand out a ticket for this show as tonight was immense. Three bands that are forging this new wave of rock at their absolute best.

First up were local lads Anchor Lane, a band I know and love and who are now starting to see some well deserved recognition. It is hard to believe I saw these guys for the first time more than two years ago and they blew me away. Each gig since that day( and there has been many) they have improved and matured and tonight I stumble upon a realisation. The longer front man Conor Gaffney’s hair gets the better they are…so heed a lesson from the bible in the exploits of Samson and keep that mane growing!

Another way to measure how far they have come is that first gig they were giving away free(and to be fair a bit dodgy sounding) EP’s. In Glasgow terms it was like a Barras bootleg back in the day, rough and ready but with a real gem hidden in there. Luckily I still have my copy as I am sure this will be a collectable very soon.

From there they released their first real EP which is a belter. It is still all you can get from the band but the live show boasts so many songs that are not included on any recording and this also tells you all you need to know about the quality they are producing now. A debut full length album must now be on its way.

They kick off with “Runaway” and for someone who has seen the boys so often I instantly can tell that Anchor Lane sound. This slots into the song “Twenty Sixteen” which is already a massive hit with locals and gets the crowd singing along. Between breaks we find the confidence of Conor through the roof as he breaks into a merch sales pitch. He is at ease with an audience now, something that was lacking all those years ago.

Next up are two of the strongest songs in their arsenal(in my opinion) with “Hunters Heart” and “Take Some Time”. The first a balls out rocker which will have you screaming the chorus and the latter a slow number that oozes class. This is Conor’s finest moment vocally.

Eclipse” is next and a bit of a newbie so I just stand back and enjoy as I watch Jack Nichol shred, twist and turn and smile his head off. I cannot think of many more that enjoy being on a stage. From there I settle on drumming giant Scott Hanlon bashing the kit to bits and really working on the face pulling. That only leaves Matthew Quigley on bass, with his back combed quiff and swagger he is another who has come right out of his shell from those early days.

The band finish off with “Rising Up”(this is sheer prophecy) and the adored “Finished For Twelve”. Yes, Conor, we know all the words and another chorus is squeezed on the end to milk it.

This performance is why they just played Rockmantic, it is why they secured a slot at HRH and why they were asked back to Winterstorm later this year. Two years down the road and they are making huge inroads locally. In another two years I expect that to have grown massively and their reach right across the UK. If you are reading this for a review on Raveneye or Skam and you have not heard of Anchor Lane check them out because one way or another the name will come around to you again so best get on this rock train now.

I have heard lots of good things about Skam but never seen them before and I am grateful that cherry has been popped as they were incredible tonight. I felt the sound was a bit ropey for their first song but once that was sorted it was down to some serious rock business. The three piece were decked out in military gear to tag in with the album with the long and very unrocklike name.

Althoughh the sound was a bit iffy but once that settled they got down to business. Matt Gilmore was all over that stage and pulled the most immense gurning off to perfection. It was a quick set (maybe because it was so enjoyable) but with songs like “Fading Before The Sun” and “No Lies” any rock fan would be sucked in. I loved them from the off and all those people who had been giving me the nod to this band take your hat off…you were spot on.

They also knew how to close out a set with “Holy City” slipping into “Massacre” with the brilliant addition of “War Pigs” at the start to get everyone in full voice. These guys are good so get your ass to one of their shows ASAP. I for one cannot wait to see them again.

Raveneye have been hailed as rock stars in waiting and they have got a lot of people in the facebook page of New Wave of Classic Rock( check it out, it is a brilliant place to find the best new talent out there) shouting their name and no wonder on tonight’s performance.

They are bursting with energy, talent and balls out fun. Tie that in with some amazing songs and you have an evening to savor. Oli Brown is a name most rockers will know so he brought a lot of attention to this band instantly and with tours at home, Europe and the states you know these guys are a little step above the rest.

Tonights stage is far too small for this band and their antics. They were like rock hamsters in a wheel, as you watch it is like seeing a caged tiger and you are just waiting on that door to swing open and all hell let loose on you…and it does.

As they open with “Hate” and “Come with me” I am immediately punch drunk from the onslaught of sound and vision. They are all over the place and as I was also doing photos tonight they did not make my job easy but I loved every minute of trying to catch the next maneuver.

Let’s take the crazy, hyper antics out of the equation for a moment and focus on the music as it was outstanding. “You’re a Lie” and “Out of the Rain” have some blues steeped soul. The riffs are amazing and a song like “Supernova” sums the band up in name alone.

We also see the mellower side with the acoustic “Eternity” before it is all kicked off again on fan fave “ “Hey Hey Yeah”. The boys head into the packed crowd on shoulders and give it laldy. This site for me summed up the band. It was majestic, it was fun and it rocked.

I have no idea how anyone could watch this band and not enjoy it. They are the new breed and they are going places. I am so glad to say I saw them at “King Tuts Wah Wah hut”, a place I have seen many bands before they broke into the big time. It is only a matter of time before everyone knows their name and rightly so. Milton Keynes may be a bit boring but these boys could put the place on the map.


Images and words Ritchie Birnie

Raveneye/Skam/Anchor Lane @ King Tuts, Glasgow

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