Winter storm Launch party Feb26


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Winter storm Launch party


Winter storm Launch party

The moment you enter Troon, you can tell there’s something just a little bit different going on today. As a swarm of black band shift emblazoned invades Troon’s usually Sunday golfers and beach walkers. Entering an unassuming building, Black King Cobra have already taken to the stage, providing a nice even keel to their sound with just a touch of Tom Morello in their guitar solos. It’s fair to say the Sunday golfers don’t know what’s hit them.

The Cobras continue with Wrack And Ruin – a hit in the making which provides an ever so catchy bassline, a funky breakdown and the drum fills accentuate the tune throughout. The song ends in a wild cacophony and the audience lap it up. In the chat between the songs, singer Callum announces the room that there are audience members who’ve travelled all the way from Carlisle in a pilgrimage to this event – and this isn’t even the main festival yet! It just goes to show the pull and attraction that Winterstorm is beginning to achieve.

Harvest Moon provides that audience with a song that has all the chunkiness of a Yorkie, maybe more, with just a touch of Highway Star turned up to 11 in the intro if you listen carefully. The bass provides an almost guitar-like melody and there’s even a touch of disjointed jazz in the build-up near the end which resembles elements of Rage Against The Machine. You can simply only imagine the velocity of this band at full festival volume would sound.

Quake sees singer Callum slap himself in the face, demonstrating the ferocity of this song. It’s a rowdy motivational song wherein you can hear the driving beat and has the most precise and succinct stop ending. If you like Audioslave, then you’ll like this band.

The band’s humbleness at the turn out is overwhelming. It’s at this point you realise that bigger festivals, such as Download, could learn from this model of pre-party gigs and announcements that WinterStorm are employing, as it seems that both bands featured have amassed quite a following with audience members singing along for both bands.

As Anchor Lane enter the stage, Cog In The Wheel brings the energy back up in the room after this year’s announcement of bands including Magnum, Gun, The Dead Daisies, Zal Cleminsons SinDogs, Wayward Sons, Girlschool, Geoff Tate and more. It provides an energetic beginning with a meaty breakdown into a hair swinging solo. It must be said this crowd seem focused on the music and not so much a fan of chat between songs, with cries of “Just play something” between songs. Nevertheless, this does not deter the Anchor Lane chaps and they head into Twenty Sixteen. This insights hands in the air and the band seem utterly at home on stage. For their age, Anchor Lane seem like a much older and more experienced band. You can tell instantly when watching them that they’re going places.

Transitioning into Hunters Heart, the bass and vocals take precedence over guitar and the audience join in with chants of #Heart!” You can tell this will go down with the Winterstorm crowd a treat. With a seamless time change, this merges into Eclipse with an unfaltering abrupt ending.

The band then take things down with Burning Head as dusk settles on the venue, and for the first time, you can hear the idle chatter of the crowd over the intro which erupts into an emotional verse. There’s a fantastic build up and a great use of toms with a crescendo sounding like cleansing rain washing over the audience and a guitar solo to match rounded off nicely with a stripped back ending.

Keeping the pace a little slower with ballad Take Some Time provides an almost slow dance at a disco vibe, venue given. The wailing guitar throughout speaks to the soul that’d make Sambora himself proud. Here’s great vocal control and an emotional end to this one.

The tempo then soars back up with Runaway, with thunderous drums and great time breaks like a game of musical statues. Annie is a crowd favourite and sees multiple heads in the crowd bopping along.

All in all a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon and a great precursor as to what to expect for this year’s festival. Roll on Winterstorm – we can’t wait!

Images Mark Rutherford

Words Lynn Carberry


Winter Storm Launch Party

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