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Borealis album “The Offering”


Borealis album “The Offering”

Borealis are a Canadian five piece melodic power metal band and, despite being quite young, they are now into their fourth album. The Offering is a concept based around their love of horror movies, twelve blistering tunes and right from the first track The Fire Between Us, drummer Sean Dowell who also produced, mixed and mastered the whole thing starts it off like machine gun fire along with the strong powerful vocals of Mat Marinelli who also plays guitar along with Ken Fobert and bassman Trevor Mcbride, and Sean Werlick keys. These guys take you on a roller coaster ride: sometimes with a progressive sound but never letting up on the power chords and amazing melodies and wonderful instrumentations. This album has everything: haunting keyboards, power riffs, dual guitars, incredible vocals that remind me at times of the great Ronnie James himself. I have to admit that listening to the album throughout my head was never still, it is a headbangers dream, even an old one like me. But it’s not all fast and powerful: listen to the beautiful ballad The Devils Hand, which showcases Marinelli’s voice perfectly, or the dreamy instrumental The Path. I can honestly say there isn’t a bad track on here, which shows just how much the guys put into creating this. Come to the UK soon lads, I would love to catch you performing live.

The Offering is released on March 23rd on AFM records


The Fire Between Us

Sign Of No Return

The Offering


The Second Son

The Devil’s Hand

Into The Light

Scarlet Angel

The Awakening

The Path

Forever Lost

The Ghosts of Innocence

Review by Dave Martin