Butcher Babies @ G2, Glasgow Mar02


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Butcher Babies @ G2, Glasgow

Butcher Babies @ G2, Glasgow


Well if you thought “The beast from the East” was to be the biggest impact in Glasgow you were wrong, the Butcher Babies got there first.

Before we get to the headliners incredible set lets discuss the support bands with the first up KLOGR. I first found this band three years ago when I reviewed their “Make a Stand” album and man did that impress me. I have waited all this time to see them live so I was ecstatic when they were announced as support.

I was front and centre when they came on and even though it was early there was plenty of punters in to watch the spectacle. Frontman Rusty was standing with his big boots on his light machines as they burst into “Draw Closer” and that was it for me. After reviewing that album all I wanted was to see them live, with their mix of prog and hardcore you are going to be entertained. From there we burst into new track “ Technocracy” which veers towards the harder end of the band and perfectly chosen for the headliners crowd. It still does have a real prog breakdown and got the crowd going nicely.

After “King of Unkown” we jump into “Pride Before The Fall” another new track which has a bite like a rabid crocodile. Rusty’s vocals are gravelly, gutter level and brilliant. You can pick out the Italian lilt and most of us have a good laugh as he tries to pronounce Butcher Babies(try Boocher Babies rusty).

We then burst into a gritty riff and progressive chord-age with “ Prison of Light” another new song which tips into the lighter moments that the band do so well. The short set is finished off with the brilliant “Bleeding” and “Guinea Pigs” and its all over. Three years wait and it was all too damned short. I hope I do not have to wait another three years before they are back as this was one of the best opening sets I have ever witnessed. The boys blew me away.

Next up was Eyes Set To Kill and a band I was not familiar with. They had a hell of a task to follow KLOGR but gave it a good stab. They were full of energy and the songs were solid. You can tell this band have been about for some time(10 years) as they are stars on the stage.

They comprise of crunching guitars, brutal bass and drums and vocals from angelic to devilish. Strangest but intriguing song of the set was the cover of Cranberries “Zombie” which went down well for newbies and the good many ESTC fans that were here tonight.

Definitely a polished band and a great lead into the main event. A cracking set and they had this newbie hooked. Look out for them

As the main band walk on stage the temperature rises, the air gets thinner and everyone is holding their breath until Carla and Heidi stroll on to the stage to a huge cheer only to tell us “ We are the Butcher Babies and we are here to fuck shit up”.

And for the next hour and a half that is what they done and with ease. They kicked it all off with the crazy “ Monster’s Ball” and that was as quiet as it would get. They treated us to organised chaos.

I found this band by accident when doing camera work at Hellfest three years ago. I was meant to be doing photos of as many bands as possible but after what I witnessed in that pit I put down my bag and watched their whole set. Their energy was incredible as it always is live so I have made sure I caught them every show in Glasgow since.

The venue was pretty packed tonight but there was still room to set up a circle pit which would eventually have Heidi in its centre with all manner of nutters around her. This was what got me that first time. The band may be a lot heavier to what I would normally listen too but as a gig goer for nearly 40 years passion and energy get me going every time and you really will struggle to find a band who puts more into a show. The venue is at fever pitch the whole time.

The singers hold that audience in the palm of their hands and when you witness a show you really wonder what the people who put them down with throwaway comments are thinking.

The set may be geared behind latest album “Lilith” but we get plenty of brilliant breaks from it in the likes of crowd pleaser “ Take it Like a Man” and the hysterical “Coming to take me away”

I am delighted we get “Beer Drinkers and Hell raisers” from the latest release and with the chants from the crowd this was awesome. For more humour we get a foul mouthed barrage which ends with poop which has all of us in tatters.

Once again Butcher babies owned Glasgow, they may have came and left much quicker than the storm which followed but the impact was just as strong. This band live is a celebration, a massacre and a party rolled into one. Butcher Babies fuck you up in the best possible way.


Images and review Ritchie Birnie



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