Q.F.T single “ALIENS.” Mar19


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Q.F.T single “ALIENS.”


Q.F.T single “ALIENS.”

Q.F.T. or Quantum Field Theory is the solo project by singer Linnea Vikström of the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. Gone is the operatic orchestral sound and instead we are taken back to the late 70s/80s with the likes of Starship and fellow Swedes Europe, that’s how I describe this single from the upcoming album Live In Space. The track is released on March 16th and the album will be a Science fiction fantasy concept. I read that most of the song was done live and then taken back to the studio for some tweaks. It definitely has a live sound to it but my problem is will fans like the diversity of this style compared to the huge classical production sound of her other band. I can certainly see them taking this project on the road and getting the crowd to chant the anthem “We Are Aliens”, but how big the crowd would be compared to the Therion hordes, only time will tell.

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