Warrior Soul @ Audio, Glasgow Mar29


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Warrior Soul @ Audio, Glasgow


Warrior Soul @ Audio, Glasgow

The Atomic punk swaggered back into Glasgow to promote the new and brilliant release “Back On The lash” and finally we get the attitude generator showing all these rock star pussies that you don’t need to straighten your shit out to be awesome.

Before the chaos ensued we were treated to local band The Swamp Born Assassins. This band are going from strength to strength with their brand of heavy assed, fuzzy blues. The six piece may be but emryos(or should that be eggs?) in band terms but they have quickly garnered fans and with the gigs piling up they are melding brilliantly on the stage.

The sound is built around the deep south, dead things and mud…I know, not things you would normally put together but as with most things a bit strange it works so well. They have a real groove going on and you wont stop tapping your feet all night.

The set tonight is based mostly on debut album “Smell the Mud” which is filled with some cracking tunes which the locals seem to know inside out. Kory Clarke was at the back of the venue and he definitely gave them a seal of approval.

As well as songs from the album we had new tracks in “Run To The Wildfire” based around them landing a slot at the cracking Wildfire festival. This one had everyone singing along(well, most of the people here were on the recording of the song). They also played new song “Crank It Up” which I was very impressed with.

Singer Charlie Moffat takes the lead on most songs with his brilliant harmonica playing and with each gig he is actually less knackered at the end but you have to hand it to him he can play that instrument like I have never seen before.

Add to that two brilliant guitarists, a female backing singer and a solid rhythm section and you have a band you need to hear and pay attention too. Come and join the swampers people.

My journey with Warrior Soul started out in the 90s with debut “Last Decade, Dead Century”. I fell in love with that album instantly. A rebellious twenty year old and I just latched onto the attitude that dripped from the soundtrack. I will also never forget the first time I saw kory as he strolled into a spit and sawdust, rockers bar in Glasgow…I mean who else would walk in there with a silver suit on? I found out after a few beers this man lived his persona.

There are a lot of differences nowadays, the band for one thing, the flowing locks have gone(but slowly coming back) and a lifetime of vocal abuse has changed his sound. Many bands could not survive such a change but Warrior Soul 2018 is all about energy. The set is built around fast, furious and chaotic, which is what Back on the Lash is all about.

Kory is a one off, a cool as hell mutherfucker. An old school rocker who like native American fokelore kicked the asses of punks and took on their persona. He is also a fortune teller but we will get to that later.

The set kicks of with the intro from the latest release, “American Idol”, It is also the backdrop and seemingly the most popular t-shirt they have as there was only one left…it seems most people think Mr trump is a grade A asshole and Kory will get his moneys worth out of him by the time the night is over.

It may be a Monday in Glasgow but most here tonight are taking next track “I Get fucked up” quite literally. Another song from BOTL and another slice of Kory’s life. An excellent song and an insight into how good this album is.

The night continues into mayhem, the front of the crowd are going topless(its ok, overweight guys only). The tracks come thick, fast and quicker than a punk album on 45rpm(ask your parents children). It is just pure fun as we get some classics in “Ass kickin”, “Ghetto Nation” and “ Love Destruction”.

We get back to Trump with “Wasteland” the song from 1991 and where Kory told us he was a money whore but even in his most wasted state I do not think he would have placed money on him ending up as a president but with the line “president can go to hell” he turns to the backdrop and gives a two hand middle finger tribute to him, followed quickly by an alteration to the lyrics in Donald Trump is going to build a wall…in Mexico. How could one song tell a story nearly 30 years later?

As the set wound on there was no letting up, we burst into “Punk and Belligerent” and “Jump for Joy” and I am on another planet, it is called fucked up uranus. The only slow point of the evening came with “Losers” a song that I was gutted on its omission last time around. Whilst arranging passes for this evening I sent my last review to the PR company who informed me the band no longer do that track but within half an hour Kory had read the review and as tonight’s gig was on a Monday agreed to do it as it fitted in with the mood. For this I will be eternally grateful. This song more than any other summed up my teenage years, a time where I was struggling with the fact I was and wanted to be different. Asking the question why and do I need to fit in?

This answered all those questions and sums up the music and the people who love it so well. I was at the front of that stage screaming those lyrics with all the venom I had within me during those important years of my life so thank you for that.

You can say whatever you want about this band and the man at the helm but they rock like psychotic, drug addled zombies. With half of the band hailing from Scotland you have a storming rhythm section and sole guitarist covering all bases with ease you have a tightness unrivaled even in the bands early years.

Tonight was a celebration of the past and present, it is a celebration of never giving up and anyone who tells you no can just fuck off. If you want it go get it people just do not hurt anyone in the process…this world needs a rebellion and I for one vote Kory Clarke world leader.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie





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