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The Dead Daisies – Burn It Down


The Dead Daisies – Burn It Down


For me The Dead Daisies have been flirting with greatness for some time. Live they are incredible and with the last studio album  Make Some noise we saw a massive step up for the band. When I reviewed that back in 2015 I stated for the record they would become the next arena band and I would suspect them to start headlining festivals. Today that got a whole lot closer with the release of “Burn It Down”

The album opens with a lazy assed riff and drums with an attitude all of their own, it swings into Corabi’s melodies beautifully and I cannot over emphasize the importance that the hiring of the frontman has had on the band. Do not get me wrong, the first album was good but everything ramped up a gear when John was brought into the fore. The musicianship was always top class and with those band members what do you expect. The other thing that was holding them back was the ever changing line up and the feeling that this was always going to be a sort of side project for all involved but with the inclusion of Doug Aldrich and the fact the band are focusing on this full time means there is no holding them back now.

“Rise Up” comes at you with a blistering, chugging riff and those powerful drums again. The sound is more akin to a Sabbath track with an excellent chorus that I will be screaming at the top of my voice at the sold out show in Glasgow this weekend.

The Title track is up next and you get a big, happy sigh from me as it slinks into some bluesy, bitching guitar with the vocals sounding laid back and whisky drenched. Again these boys can pull of a cracking chorus. With band members in the business for so long they know what works and I reckon every song is worked through jam sessions until they are happy it will work live before they even consider it for an album.

With “Judgement Day” the blues keeps on, keeping on with a real eagles feel. With the lyrical content we can see a theme going on here, yes, there is plenty of shit going on in this world today. For a slower song it has a huge grip on you. One of the best tracks on the album.

Radio chatter kicks off “What Goes Around” and shifts into that fudgy DD riff that Doug has made all his own. This will be on radio playlists the world over. The guitar sound is a mix of Hendrix and Zepplin. Another winner and worth the price of the CD all on its own.

“Bitch” is a sitting on the porch song, one of those days you have had enough of everything and the only thing to get you out of it is a rant, music and a drink and when you have released all the anger you dive right into “ Set Me Free”. It is slowed down, it is beautiful and one of those 80s lighters in the air moments( note, I will never, repeat never say mobile phones in the air…just don’t do it people). It tips its hat to Aerosmith and it is up there with any one of their classic ballads.

Now how did AC/DC get on here? The chunky sound of “Dead and Gone” digs right into the Daisies Australian roots. This is a corker of a song. Doug and David weave a rock classic with this one. This has to be played on the tour.

From AC/DC to Saxon with “Can’t Take It With You”. This band can cover all bases and John’s voice slots in with every angle and direction the sound takes. Again, I will reiterate how important this man is to the band, a man who was overlooked by the majority of rock fans for far too long.

Once again its all about guitars on “Leave Me alone”. I read another review of this album where they stated Doug’s playing was sloppy…WTF? The man is on fire here. The vibe is always what the song requires. You do not have the pedigree this man has by being sloppy. The guitars may seem lazy at times but that is because it is what the song demands and like instant karma the solo kicks your ass as the words “Cut Me Some Slack” spits in your face.

This is a brilliant release and builds nicely onto the bands power hold they have. Two gigs on this tour have sold out. The venues are much bigger than the last tour and that was a co headliner( that The Answer could not live up to but after DD performance I could not have picked a band to outperform them that night).

As I said the world is at this bands feet and with headliner status arriving later this year at a number of festivals my prophecy is unfolding. The Dead Daisies are the future of Classic rock, with this statement there can be no argument.

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