The Dead Daisies @ The Garage, Glasgow Apr11


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The Dead Daisies @ The Garage, Glasgow


The Dead Daisies @ The Garage, Glasgow


It is the first night of the tour, the brilliant “ Burn it Down” has just been released and Glasgow is the lucky city to hear the new tracks live first.

Before we get to the show there is a very telling fact that has to be conveyed. In the city tonight there are two other gigs going on. In the large arena you have Toto and on a much smaller scale the beloved Massive Wagons are also playing. A lot of people had to make choices tonight so the fact that this event is sold out tells you all you need to know about how well loved this band are in Scotland.

I made the tough choice to opt for The Dead Daisies above Massive Wagons tonight as I had seen the wagons last and to be honest with a performance like I just witnessed I do not think many bands could beat them.

The band has brought a cracking light show with them which bursts to life as the band take the stage and dive into “Rise Up”. The guitar shudders, the drums start to shake and the sound of a classic rock track meets your ears. If the crowd needed any kick up the ass this was it. They take no breaks and burst into my favourite track from “ Burn it Down” in Resurrected. We see Doug strut his stuff and put down a stomp.

Not many bands would kick off a show with two new songs but that is confidence for you, oh that and a kick ass album.

We jump back an album for “Make Some Noise” and by god does Glasgow do what is asked. This sold out crowd is packed in like sardines. There is no room to move on either floor and the only negative vibes tonight is the fierce fight through the crowd to get to the bar and back.

As the show moves on I get a chance to view the crowd reaction form the floor and the balcony. Looking down from above this is a band that people are happy with their decision to come here. They are singing, dancing and punching the air with no cares.

Mr Corabi is decidedly quiet tonight, maybe some first night jitters, some worries around new lyrics? Who knows but it does not affect him one jot. His vocals were spot on as they always are. He is a veteran out there as are all the members(well, except for the new baby). He can stir a room of overdosed junkies into bouncing off the walls if he wanted too. This is instantly evident as they burst into the tour song of “ Last Time I saw the Sun”. Again the crowd are up and the chanting is deafening. This fades into the intro of newbie Deen Castronovo, some unkown…yeah, OK, The Daisies do not do unknowns and the ensuing drum solo tells you why.

After “All the Same” we take on the new title track in “Burn it Down” and those bluesy, southern numbers just do it for me. The lazy riffs, the laid back vocals are what I live for but when it kicks in you are looking at a stomping song and live it was everything I expected.

As we go from one brilliant song to another it dawns on me how much of a finished item this band are, yes they may have a new drummer to ease in but every trial they have faced has paid off and now it is time to reap the rewards. Watch the sold out shows mount up, take the headline festival slots as they come thick and fast and kick the ass of every audience member as you sail on through each city.

Now DD have always been known for some covers and tonight they done it in a very special way. The band introductions was one of the best moments of the show. I am not going to be the one to spoil it for anyone who has not seen them yet but this was genius and had everyone in glorious rock heaven, no one does covers like these boys.

The run up to the finale is fast and furious, “long Way To Go”, “Mainline”, “ Mexico” and an outstanding version of “Midnight Moses” is worth the ticket price alone…but follow that up with the encore of “Fortunate Son” and I am at entertainment overload.

I picked the correct gig tonight by a long way. This band are on fire and there is no stopping them. This was one hell of a performance and it is goodbye to the smaller venues. If they can sell out this place with two other shows in town The Barras beckons. Now that is a show that will sell most of the tickets on the first day.

The progression of this band is stunning to see and one I am glad I have been able to follow closely these past five years. I have seen the individual band members in many different guises over the years but this is their home, this is where they will rewrite rock history and as I walked away tonight all I could think was bring on Winter Storm where they will be back in Scotland amongst a cracking list of bands and where they rightly headline.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie


The Dead Daisies @ The Garage, Glasgow

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