The Quireboys @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow Apr29


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The Quireboys @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow


The Quireboys @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

With the brilliant new release “White Trash Blues” and off the back of an amazing performance at Winter Storm festival the boys are back in Scotland…I would say storm in but it is more like hobble as Spike strolled up to the venue with a walking stick and a cast on his leg.

Now if the Quireboys picked the support band based on drinking ability they went straight to the top of the pyramid with The Black Aces. The drinking prowess is legendary but do you know what? They can rock your ass off as well.

I first caught the band on the Aussie Wrecking Crew tour a while back and if what I can remember it was awesome. The fuzziness around this was due to ending up drinking with these lads.

I did recall the no nonsense Rock’n’Roll that they treated us too that night. Their influences written all over the jeans and t-shirts and the rawness and talent of the Bon Scott AC/DC era. They are fresh, young and very hungry. For me Airbourne have become stale and a bit predictable but with these boys it is completely on the edge.

The new album “Anywhere but Here” is a belter and the vinyl copies on sale tonight are flying out the door. Unfortunately due to a press pass issue I missed the first few songs but luckily they were given a decent set time so when I got in the party was in full swing and the people were just as impressed as I was the first time I heard them.

There are a good few new tracks played tonight and the first I got to hear was “Good Woman( Gone Bad)”. You get the feeling this is how the boys like it but as a song it is spot on. Those riffs, those harmonies, it has everything you need for rockers old and new.

They followed up with “Cut Me Loose” and the guitar basically goes apeshit, to be followed by the rest of the band. Live it captures the band’s energy perfectly and we even get a sing along. Now I know us Scots get told we have a difficult accent to understand but when you have Aussies hyped to the eyeballs on adrenalin and beer good luck for making out any of the between song banter.

By the time they wrapped everything up with “ Soulstealer” the place was jumping. Band members in the audience, beer flying and everyone screaming their lungs out. The boys came back to Scotland and after visiting Kirriemuir and Bon Scott’s statue they set about kicking our asses and they done it in style…but this would not be the last we see them tonight.

Now it is time to ramp the party up a notch. Spike strolls out minus his walking stick, nobody is going to stop this man dancing, no, you won’t wipe that cheeky grin off his face and we jump into “ Too Much of a Good thing” and The Quireboys go into top gear.. Can we class alcohol in this statement? No matter what your thoughts are this band are on fire.

I have to admit to not being a fan back in the beginning and to be truthful it was only their slot at Winter Storm that turned me round. I gave them a chance to prove me wrong and I can happily say they stuffed it down my throat. This band piss all over their early selves.

Misled” is up to next and although not included on their latest album it slots in perfectly with the bluesy feel. The first track played from “White Trash Blues” is “Going Down” and it is every bit as good as the recording. I bought this album off the back of their Winter Storm set and the fact that I love me a bit of blues and the album is genius as is this rendition.

After the blues we go into well known territory in “ There She Goes Again” and the crowd just start ripping it up. This was one of the things that surprised me when I saw them recently…how many songs I knew and could sing along with. After all these years the band deserve to be packing out the venues purely on their guts, determination and the fact they love every damned minute of this Rock‘n’Roll lifestyle. This band are the old school and unlike some of the other bands from that era they keep it real just like they did back in the day.

We get another new number followed by an old classic with “Leaving Trunk” and “Mona Lisa Smile” , Spike is dancing like there is no cast on his leg, no winces of pain and the mic stand is thrown about as usual. There is no stopping this man.

As we rumble into the latter part of the set it is one hit after another. “ I Don’t Love You Anymore” becomes a celebration, not a sad story, “Hey you” lifts the rafters and do I even need to say anything about “ 7 O’clock” ? This whole room is bouncing and this was part of how I decided I was wrong on these boys. How can so many people be having the time of their life and I am not included? If you are in Glasgow you can turn around to a complete stranger and they will be able to tell you many, many stories about parties, we all have them and The Quireboys should be playing in the background of every one.

To wind up the drunken bus the boys dragged out the Black Aces for final song “Sex party”. Now these boys had been knocking them back at the Merch stand since coming off stage so they are up for this last night of the tour celebration. What a way to bow out and how those boys made it till 3AM and got on a flight to Australia the next day I have no idea.

What a show, what a band and what a night. This band still kicks ass after all these years and they have improved with age just like the red wine sitting on the amps.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie





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