The White Buffalo, 02 Academy, Glasgow Apr20


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The White Buffalo, 02 Academy, Glasgow


The White Buffalo, 02 Academy, Glasgow

The White Buffalo is one of those performers you question if they are as good as you remember…until you go back to see them and you get blown away all over again.

I never miss a show when the band come to Glasgow and thankfully he never misses us out and with a strange quirk of luck we are early on the tour, something that many people were wishing they were but more on that later.

This is always a played down show, no big light show, no theatrics and no stage wear. The music is left to do the talking as it should be but there is always a relaxed atmosphere which lets you focus on the songs.

Tonight kicks off with “Hide and Seek”, that lazy Stones swagger from yesteryear. It is a slow start which will see the band build to a crescendo. The sound was not great from the off but rather than the venue it turns out the man’s voice is struggling which would pan out with heavy heart for the rest of the UK.

Dark Days” is up next and the beat kicks it up a gear and it sees TWB start getting animated(well, a swing of the hair and a shake of the hips). We slow it down to a Mr Cash tempo on “One Long Night”. The deep tones ring around the hall and the crowd are lost in there own world now.

It is a while before we get to why a lot of people are here but when “ Come Join the Murder” starts with its slow strumming it boots the audience in the ass, the cheers ring out and a masterpiece enfolds. There is no doubt Sons of Anarchy has a lot to do with his fame but he is so much more. It may not be his own song but if you have seen his many covers you know that dark and throaty vocal can do justice to any tune. He can take it, twist it and breathe new life into it.

I am sure he will always be entwined with the TV show but he has moved on as latest release “Darkest Darks,Lightest Lights” proves. We get a fair few new songs tonight and they come over well. “Avalon” probably the highlight of the newbies.

For me as long as “The Whistler” is played I will always be happy. A beautiful and yet disturbing song steeped in emotion and pain. This is where TWB excels, his storytelling is second to none and his voice plays with your heart strings when it comes to pain and desperation.

The set tonight is a long one, we have 21 songs which may have taken its toll as after this the man had to pull out of the tour due to laryngitis. The final rundown is just class. “I Got You”, followed by “The Pilot” before the encore of “Wish it was True” and “ How the West was Won” and I walk away with another fantastic show under my belt. I am once again 100% sure this man kicks ass.

I feel sorry for those who had tickets to the tour, even though he was not at his best he still pulled off one hell of a show and proves he is not one to miss.

The White Buffalo, 02 Academy, Glasgow

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