Along Adelaide and UPPA Northlane May31


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Along Adelaide and UPPA Northlane


Along Adelaide and UPPA Northlane

On a hot, sunny busy evening you realise that you are going into a dark cavern. The thought crosses your mind why? And then it dawns on you it’s the Limelight 2 and Northlane, Australian metalcore band extraordinaire, are playing.

And they were not alone. Supporting them on their first trip to Belfast were local bands Symptoms of Silence and Dream Awake.

Up first were Symptoms of Silence, a young band with a lot of energy and stage presence. There was no holding back. And neither were the crowd gathering on the floor. It is always the curse of the support act that they will normally have slowly gathering vaguely interested audience who are really only there for the main act. But, by Grabthar’s Hammer!!, Symptoms of Silence worked their asses of to bring down that curse and by the end of their set they had quite a few joyfully moshing in time to their set. A great local band who worked the crowd with ease. Well worth watching out for at future gigs.

Dream Awake were up next and once more the audience were taken by a storm of metal that thundered through the space and walls of the limelight. The rage filled growling main vocals supported in tandem by lighter vocals of the guitarist created a perfect combination throughout their set. The crowd before them were getting to frenzy levels with spontaneous moshing breaking out. This was a band determined to make sure everyone was having a great time and the audience gladly reciprocated. With songs like Cataclysm, Mind’s Eye The Weathering and Dispersion there was no let up throughout their set.

The heat now was almost getting to the ‘tops off’ stage. A testimony to the pull of all the bands on stage as Limelight 2 is not the warmest of places. That they also pulled a crowd during the BBC big Weekend and on such a warm sunny evening plays testament to the pull of metalcore. And the interaction with the punters was pure showmanship

Then came the main attraction. Northlane. And what a blistering set they pulled off. Thundering in with ‘Quantum Flux’, ‘Aspire’ and ‘Rot’, the crowd were not disappointed as they heaved, thrashed and moshed like it was on a three for one offer. ‘Colourwave’, ‘Dream Awake’ and ‘Heartmachine’ continued the metalcore onslaught as the metalcore maniacs on the floor lapped it up. The banter, interaction and ease with which Marcus Bridge toyed with the receptive metallers was a testament to his and the band’s professionalism and abundant joy at playing to anyone who would stop and listen.

On came the tight performance with ‘Intuition’, ‘Worldeater’, and ‘Savage’ as there appeared on the floor what seemed to be a band of whirling dervishes. It is a rare occurrence to see the whole crowd jumping and moshing as a singular beast – but it was happening here in the Limelight. ‘Obelisk’, ‘Render’ and ‘Masquerade’ finished the main set with a wonderful encore of ‘Citizen’.

Marcus was a real trooper hanging round to the bitter end to meet and greet the fans.

Even if you are not a fan of metalcore you might just find yourself being a fan by the end of the evening. All three bands put on such a performance, pouring their heart and soul into their sets and with such grinding heavy and catchy tunes this was an evening to enjoy pure metal.

UPPA Northlane!


Review by

Ivor Whitten

Photos from Metalplanet Music