Robert J Hunter Band & Sari Schorr Live at the Raven Rooms Corby May12


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Robert J Hunter Band & Sari Schorr Live at the Raven Rooms Corby

Robert J Hunter Band & Sari Schorr Live at the Raven Rooms Corby

Having recently seen and reviewed Sari at HRH Blues I was excited to see her again in a more relaxed venue. The Raven Rooms was originally a ballroom and is perfect suroundings for a blues gig.


Supporting tonight was the Robert J Hunter Band, a London 3 piece but originally from the Channel Islands. They play what I like to call dirty blues, that laid back sound; but can also rock it up as well. Robert himself has the gravelly voice perfect for this style and along with his impressive guitar work entertained the crowd with songs from his recently released self titled album recorded live with two songs Wait your turn and Suzy, both being number one I-tunes singles. His forty-five minute set consisted of a mix of the new album and his three previous studio albums and I look forward to seeing them again.

The band are Robert J Hunter Guitar/Vocals, James Le Huray/Bass, and Greg Sheffield/Drums .

New York born Sari Schorr has a voice and vocal range that most people only dream of having. Inducted into the New York blues hall of fame her performances on stage are extra special; she not only only loves to perform but she also loves her audiences: she captivates them with her stories and her marvelous vocals, but this isn’t all show, you can see she really means what she says and enjoys every moment on stage. She is also a fantastic song writer with stories of bad times and wrong choices in the song Cat And Mouse, real ol’ school blues in Demolition Man, to songs like Oklahoma (not the musical but her own composition) where she has a bit of fun. Then she goes into her version of Willy Dixon’s classic I Just Want To Make Love To You, sidling up to to excellent guitarist and singer Ash Wilson, moving her snake hips and oozing sexuality. Their professional chemistry on stage is awesome and the crowd love every moment. Ash himself proves he can sing as well as play with his solo Peace And Love with an impressive guitar solo for good measure. Then Sari gets nervous as she always does before performing her unbelievably stripped down version of Black Betty. The intensity, passion, and emotion the whole band, but especially Sari herself, put into performing this has to be witnesed live: I have seen her do this twice now and both times I have been blown away. Sari not only sings the blues like some of the legends but she can also rock it up, which she proves with her ballsy version of Led Zep’s Rock N’Roll, she truly is an exceptional lady.

I will hopefully be seeing her again later in the year, but one thing is for sure: whoever goes to see a Sari Schorr gig is guaranteed to be entertained and totally mesmerised by her.

Live At The Raven Rooms Corby

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Review by Dave Martin, and photos by Carol Henson, aka LadyGigger.