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Ryders Creed, Self – Titled Debut Album.


Ryders Creed, Self – Titled Debut Album.

Ryders Creed are a hard working five-piece Midlands band formed in May of last year and very quickly caught the industry’s attention, winning Hard Rock Hells Highway To Hell competition and later in the year being nominated for the Young Blood Award at the HRH Awards. They are Ryan Anthony vocals, Lee Spencer guitar & vocals, Myles Cooper guitar & vocals, Richard Clark bass, and on drums, Lee Gilbert. This is their highly awaited debut album which was funded through a pledge music Campaign in just five weeks.

Kicking off with their recently released single Headspace, a powerful track with a Led Zep type intro and then Ryan’s powerful vocals hit you and you know you’re in for a rock n roll roller coaster ride. Many of the ten songs on here tell the story of the band’s beginnings and exploits, but all of their influences are there: Sabbath, DC, and Southern boogie bands like Monster Truck; and this versatile quintet deliver each song with energy and exciting guitar riffs with a few bass-led tracks. Songs like On the Road, which tells of the trials and tribulations of touring but how much they enjoy it; the D/C feel of Set You Free, the anthemic Ryder, where I have witnessed myself the fans or Creedlings as they are called roaring RYDERRRR and loving every moment. And not forgetting the song that pays homage to not only one of their sponsors, but a wonderful beverage that many rock fans know of: Raise The Hoof.

This album has something for everyone, those who like a dirty riff, or a quieter kind of rock, or even those who like to listen to the lyric and analyse it, it’s all there.. The guys are getting loads of airplay and recognition from Planet Rock and can only go on to bigger things, they are touring all over England right through to December so there’s no excuse not to see them somewhere on the road.

I hope to be raising a hoof or two in November in Wales with you, till then guys CHEERS and enjoy the rest of the tour.

Ryders Creeds is released on June 1st

Track Listing

01 Headspace ,02 Promise
03 On The Road
04 Set You Free
05 The Only Thing I’m Good At
06 Ryder
07 Begging For More
08 Raise The Hoof
09 My Life
10 Rise

Review by Dave Martin