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The Midnight Dogs Self Titled Album


The Midnight Dogs Self Titled Album

Having seen this Leicester based band recently, I wanted to review their album. Anyone who has seen this band will know that they play rock n roll with a punk edge to it. Most of the tracks on this were written by Rob, Steve, and Dan, but there were two different members who have now left Twins Jean Pierre guitar, and Jean Paul on drums and it will surprise many Dogs fans as this is much more of an old school Rock N’ Roll blues album than the live punk sound they are known for, not taking anything away from it in fact I loved it. These boys have written original songs with the kind of sound that Clapton, the Stones and Lemmy were brought up with and influenced all of them. Each of the ten tracks on here deserve praise from Down And Dirty to the last track Yesterday’s Smile and with the gritty voice of Rob Cass complementing them this is an album that this young hard touring band should be proud of and also every Midnight Dogs fan should own.

Track listing

Down N’ Dirty, Let them Bleed, Scars, Lucy, Let Love Rule, Hands Of fate, Just Goodbye, Hotel Mango, Only Rock N’ Roll Can Save My Soul, Yesterday’s Smile.

Review by Dave Martin

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