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Newcastle. Bloodstock, Battle of the Bands


23.06.2018.Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle. Bloodstock, Battle of the Bands – Metal 2 the Masses.

The North East final of Bloodstock Festivals Metal to the Masses held at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on Tyne. It was one of those nights where you just would not want to be a judge. Fortunately for the manager this time around it did not come around to him to decide. Present was Bloodstock royalty in the form of Lisa and Lee, 2 of Bloodstocks long term employees and festival organisers to decide.

Chatting to them earlier they had already made the descision not to see who had qualified and who would be playing on the night and not even to ask, so everyone was new and everything was fresh, no research and total impartiality. All they were handed as they went in was a hand written list of 5 bands in the running order of: – The Unholy Concoction, Kraken Waker, Hot sex for Boys, Kilonova and finally Love the Sinner.

The Unholy Concoction opened with a solid thrash metal 6 song set that set the bar high from the start. This, no doubt will have had the feeling of “How the hell do we top that”?

Next up were Kraken Waker, a local band from Newcastle who had another excellent set with a heavy blues style of play mixed with a bit of doom. What made this set even more extraordinary was the fact that the previous bands singer guitarist was head-banging at the front singing along with them. Now that is friendship even though on the night they were battling against each other.

Hot sex for Boys set the place on fire, with old school punk / metal mix and entering in gold underwear with the lead singer looking like an overweight tattooed version of Kylie Minogue with an angel winged cape thus providing not only a superb visual effect in much the same comedic way as Evil Scarecrow or Lawnmower Deth style but are also very good musicians and whipping the crowd up into singing along to ‘A kick in the Balls’ and ‘Dying of Fire’.

Up next at slot 4, were a very young band Kilanova. All aged 24/25 with a female singer whose visual impact belies her singing talent. Looking as though Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, this girl can sing and has a very powerful voice. Thrash metal band, again from the Newcastle area, they produced a strong 5 song set that had the lads in particular step that 1 yard forward to the stage meaning ‘The Pit’ area was now gone. Talking to the guitarists girlfriend, this was only their 4th / 5th live show and the bass player becomes so focussed and zoned in beforehand that he does not speak to anyone but once all stage all hell lets loose.

Finally, Love the Sinner were up, these guys are more your traditional British rock band, sounding similar to an English version of Black Stone Cherry / Fozzy at times, a little bluesy with an excellent timeless rock sound.

Well the time had come to announce the winners but before that the raffle prizes, Hob Goblin Tee shirts, a crate of Hob Goblin and star prize 2 tickets to Bloodstock 2018. Can you imagine 2 people going to Bloodstock for £1. That’s all it takes and an excellent prize donated from the promoters.

Nice to see there was no ‘In 5th place, 4th place etc, who wants to know they came 5th out of 5. So straight to the winner………….and the band going through to play the ‘New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2018 is……………………Kilanova. The young 4 piece band who were on their 4th / 5th gig. If this is not a meteoric rise I don’t know what is, from what must have been their 1st gig, to entering Metal to the Masses for 3 rounds and now onto a stage at a major British metal festival. I think that says something about their incredible talent.

So get along to Catton Park on August 9th to 12th August 2018 and see what they are all about.

Newcastle. Bloodstock, Battle Of The Bands

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