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UDO Steelfactory
with a solid body of work behind him
and judging by this new album STEELFACTORY he still has plenty to offer, forget
balls to the wall and try a dose of album opener TONGUE REAPER with a gut
wrenching scream from UDO that could fell a herd of buffalo at 100 yards, one of the
most compelling voices in rock is back and making a big statement, pummelling
drums from UDO,S son SVEN and soaring guitars from AUDREY SMIRNOV push
the track along and then suddenly the listener is entertained with a almost melodic
guitar solo before resuming at full throttle.
Next up is MAKE THE MOVE with its nod to the Schenker era Scorpions oozes out
the speakers and personally if this track can make the live set then with its catchy
chorus is sure to be a fan favourite
KEEPER OF MY SOUL is more a mid tempo track with gang like backing vocals
and raging guitars that keeps you thoroughly entertained for its 4 minute duration
Imagine a steam train chugging along that’s what you get with RAISE THE GAME
with UDO,S spoken word passages and more melodic textures thrown in for good
measure, much foresight went into the arrangement of this song and the listener is
rewarded with one of the albums stand out tracks.
HUNGRY AND ANGRY piles on the chunky riffs with UDO spitting out vocals like
a dose of filthy bile and certainly gets the toes tapping and the head rolling….. now
remind me where did I put my air guitar ? Special shout out has to go to producer
JACOB HANSEN for the great production on this release and none more evident
ERASER with its full on drum barrage and assault of the eardrums is SVENS
moment to shine and the ferocity of the track again is an album highlight almost
replicating painkiller era Priest. Album closer THE WAY with its acoustic guitar and
simple arrangement that slowly builds and builds into a fitting finale to
STEELFACTORY. The only negative on this release is the filler track ROSE IN
THE DESERT which puts a slight dampener on proceeding but that said anyone with
a penchant for old school metal who really cant decide what to purchase this month
then look no further than picking up a copy of Germanys home grown lung buster

Steve Bruty

New album ‘SteelFactory’ will be released on 31st August.


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