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Darkness Divine – Prelude


Darkness Divine – Prelude

I know for a fact not many of you will have heard the name Darkness Divine and I do not blame you as the band is not even one year old yet. I found the band as support recently in Glasgow and they were very impressive.

Glasgow has a lot of great bands but this female fronted group have already sneaked into the metal niche here with ease. For such a young band I was blown away by their ability and the power from front woman Toni Benedetti-Martin.

Prelude is a blinding debut release which will appeal to many a different genre lover but for fans of Judas Priest, Maiden and not to mention those Nu Metal fans you are in for a treat.

With opener “ Digression” you have killer riffs from the off with vocals trying to rip your face off. The song is filled with venom, some brutal drumming and an excellent solo…all you want from your metal.

What We Want” tones down the anger but not the ferociousness. Toni’s vocals are less demanding and this sits into her beautiful melodic range and the song is as catchy as hell. A more radio friendly number which is very accessible and will have you thinking Halestorm. Again the guitars are spot on and the drumming is solid. Before the song is done you will be singing along.

Third track “Wicked” starts like a beast with its early Sabbath feel. It has that plodding Maiden groove but the vocals give it a whole new feel. You can feel the different textures to the singing and it made me think this would be what NWOBHM would have sounded like if there was a female singer. Now I lived and breathed that era and it has a very special place in my heart and I would happily have it alongside my favourites from those days. The bass and guitar are sublime and weave the musical story to perfection.

A Stronger Dose” will be an instant hit live with its chugging guitar opening up for a clap along. Toni gives us a bit of a punk attitude and the lyrics are spat out but with clarity. The breakdown is excellent as the vocals soar and demand your attention.

The last track on the digital release is “ Misconstrued” and my god what a beauty. Starting with a haunting acoustic guitar with accompanying electric turned way down you can instantly tell this is going to grow into a beast. The slowed down number plays perfectly with that amazing voice. Think of any of Evanescence’s slow numbers, a little bit of In This Moment and you have a feel of where this song is going. It is structured perfectly for a band so young and when it kicks in you will give a very loud hell yeah.

I loved the idea that if you buy the physical copy you get an additional two tracks. Many a young band could learn from this idea as it will get additional revenue. Personally I would keep all additional tracks from all streaming sites so you are pushed towards that little bit of history being held in your own sweaty palms.

The first additional track is the first taste we got from Darkness Divine in “Hyde”. I can attest first hand how good this song is from hearing it live. For a first taste it goes for the jugular with those saw blade guitars and the chorus is hook laden and catchy.

Swansong” is worth the price of the EP on its own. I was not expecting this from the band with its Greensleeves feel. The Acoustic/vocal start is beautiful and the song builds to draw you in like a good book. This shows that this band will not be pigeon holed and I loved the diversity to this EP. This song although completely mellow and layered was a highlight for me and I cannot wait to hear this live( you need to do this live folks). I can see this becoming a favourite with fans and if I am honest I would get this out as a single with a seriously sultry and mystic video ASAP.

This is a hell of a debut and way beyond my expectations. The band can be very proud of this and can firmly put a steak in the ground in Glasgow. There is plenty of room for a top class band with this EP behind them. There can be no wresting on their laurels, they need to get out there and start doing any and every support slot they can, bring in more fans and spread the word.

I have a really good feeling about this band, I think they have come onto the scene at the right time and with the right product. They are far too skillful at crafting an excellent song for their age but that bodes well for the future, which I suspect will be very bright.

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