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The Outlaw Orchestra – The Devil Made Me do It


The Outlaw Orchestra – The Devil Made Me do It

And now for something completely different. I remember the first time I heard this band and I instantly sat up and took notice. I love anything southern so the instant sound hit the spot but when you hear that banjo and double bass you know you are in for something left of field.

This EP keeps that feeling going. There is a huge slice of fun in everything The Outlaw Orchestra do but not like Steel Panther. If you have ever seen Hayseed Dixie live and loved them then this band is for you. They take that southern sound, throw in some dixie, a little slice of country and even a bit of hip swaying flamenco and you cannot fail to foot stomp and head bang all at the same time.

The boys are putting in the hard graft and are starting to be noticed and based on this EP you should too. The first track is “Back To Georgia” and with a banjo/cowbell combo intro what a way to start. Maybe it is just the title but this took me back to some of the best live shows I ever witnessed from Georgia Satellites. Back in the day they were the band to see live and from everything I have heard from the outlaws this is where I want to see them…I want the groove, a few beers, some bourbon and a whole lot of good times.

There is a massive re emergence of Southern music these days and again every one of these bands are outstanding live. The Cadillac Three, Whisky Myers and Blackberry Smoke are spearheading the movement and there is definitely a place for this band from the deep south(ampton).

This is a cracking song, dusky vocals, a crazy guitar riff and some deliverance banjo and warped together in an improbable, unexpected mix that I fell in love with.

As this is only a two song EP “ Laughing all the way to the gallows” is the last track and for me the outright winner. It is a real rocked up, ass kicking track. The guitar is in your face, the vocals scream for your attention and the banjo takes more of a back seat. It is full of drunken, hell bound fun but it is a seriously good tune. I played this on repeat for half the day as I could not get enough.

The outlaw Orchestra have talent, they have catchy songs, they have a cheeky grin, a glint in the eye and that something different enough to take them far in this business. This EP is well worth your money and if you can go see them live as soon as you can as I could bet my last buck they will make sure you leave that venue with a smile on your face and a wanting for more.

Catch yourself a slice of The Outlaw Orchestra here.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theoutlaworchestra/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/outlaworchestra


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1sK37GLciGGUDoENgqN3X3?si=IhvBwDTBRH-m1s536z-cUg

Instagram: theoutlaworchestra


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