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Dead Man’s Whiskey Under the Gun


Dead Man’s Whiskey Under the Gun

This London five piece have been setting the N W O C R scene alight for some time now with an Ep War Machine and playing on Ramblin’ Mans rising stage earlier this year, and a lot of notice from Planet Rock this album was long awaited. Nico Rodgers on vocals is the real force of this band with a brilliant set of chops, but don’t let that take anything away from the other guys, Billy Kons lead guitar, Elliot D’Álvarez rhythm guitar, Charlie Gray drums, and bass man James Titley, all demonstrate their individual talents none more than on this album. Seven tracks each one deserving its own praise.

Live Loud and Ready. Gets the head banging right from the start: great guitar work, hard and heavy drumming then the gravelly voice of Nico with the anthemic chorus which will keep all the fans, or ‘Whiskey Chasers’ happy, great catchy number with nice dual guitar riffs: a nice start to an album.

The band did a promo video to showcase the next track, This Fight just after the album was released. It starts off with a nice deep bass intro, but it isn’t long before once again Nico’s powerful growl grabs you by the throat and pulls you in, terrific work by Billy with more head banging riffs, and great lyrics sung with extreme passion. I love this song: it is a real earworm which is no bad thing.

A touch of Southern blues next with My Year, a much slower number to give your headbanging a rest for a minute, a fantastic blues rock number with beautiful rich vocals from Nico moving back and forth from blues to hard and heavy rock with once again wonderful guitar solos driving it along, first the dirty blues sound then the hard and heavy dual guitars a real Gov’t Mule, Blackberry Smoke vibe.

A real 80s crossed with Black Stone Cherry feel to the next song Hoe Street: great tongue in cheek lyrics but this track more than any showcases the talented pair of guitarists, and Nico really blasts the vocals out on this one: a balls out in your face rock song that takes no prisoners your head will be shaking like crazy.

The real stand out song on the album in my opinion is Make You Proud and it is a really wonderful track: heart-warming lyrics with sweet guitar riffs in the background a love song with a difference. We all love our mothers, and this was written by Nico for his mother to say how much he appreciates her and what she has done for him over the years. I saw them live quite recently and Nico announced that it was written after his mother had got cancer: you could have heard a pin drop at that gig; it’s that kind of song you want to hear every word, well done Nico on writing an incredible touching piece of music.

Back to the blues rock feel with War Machine, I say blues, it also has a nice grungy feel to it with the backing vocal echoes of the band and the grimy guitar sound hard pounding drums and once again great dual guitars.

Final track Rooster Crows: Bump and grind rock with an angry almost frustrated vocal, chock full of blistering riffs: another one to get the head banging.

To sum up the album, with bands now bringing out five and six track EPS, it seemed a bit short and I would have liked maybe one or two more songs on there to make it the perfect debut album but there’s still something there for everyone; blues, rock, and grunge and this album is so well produced you can tell that they took their time over it, and bearing in mind these lads are all only in their twenties they should be very proud of this.

Buy this album Play it LOUD and then go out and see them live

Review by Dave Martin