Bad Touch @ The Cathouse, Glasgow Oct28


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Bad Touch @ The Cathouse, Glasgow


Bad Touch @ The Cathouse, Glasgow

Bad Touch are always one of my highlights of the year but when they bring two amazing support bands it is going to get even better!

First up tonight is Daxx & Roxane and it is first time live for me but with a full on recommendation from Glasgow’s Anchor Lane and a NWOCR community going mad for the London based Swizz rockers I knew I would be in for a treat.

I could not have expected what came after though as this band are mental. I have came across many unusual things in a photo pit but me having to chug Whisky from a bottle is a first…these boys know how to make friends in Scotland.

This band are just complete fun on a stage with all their chasing and jumping over each other antics and drinking said whisky while playing but do not let the fun and games out shadow the music…as it is awesome. Songs like “Ticket to Rock”, “Wild Child” and “Too Hot to Love” are hard hitting rock anthems. They have a Bon Scott DC era roots, some hair metal magic and some awesome 70s guitar work.

It has been some time since I saw a band work so hard on a stage and still have so much fun. This is one band I will be keeping an eye out for and I will not miss another show in this city. Do yourself a favour and check them out now.

Next up is Aaron Buchanon and the Cult Classics. I have caught this band a few times now and every time I have been left seriously impressed. I jumped at this band as soon as they came out as I loved Heaven’s Basement from the days they played the pubs. This band is a completely different beast but Aaron’s voice and songwriting light the way.

I was shocked to see that their debut album was only released in February this year as I have played it so much it feels like an old friend. It had a really different feel when it came out and it is now in my top five for this year without a doubt.

Opener “Left me for Dead” is a fuzz fest. It is fast, furious and for some reason it reminds me of Bowie on speed. The band goes for the jugular from the off and follow up with “Nothing Left to Lose” and “The Devil that needs you” and with the guitar and drums it sounds kind of disjointed but it settles into what I would call a hyped up indie rocker. The start is all about the band as Aaron’s vocals are tied down to the fast tunes but with “Dancin Down Below” his voice comes to the fore and you can hear that power. Mix that with his sister’s amazing fretwork and you are in for a hell of a song.

Surprise of the night is a medley that consists of “Paranoid”, “My Sharona”, “The Trooper” and “Cant Stand Losing You”. This is brilliantly worked into the set and gets any newbies on their side. This is one hell of a live band and they are already turning heads. miss them at your peril.

Bad Touch do not do things easy, That is two tough bands to follow but they are no Van Halen sacking support bands that are too good…oh no, they will just go out there and do their thing and blow you away.

I was shocked to see a facebook memory earlier this month which informed me it was four years ago I first saw Bad Touch supporting The Electric Boys. Four years of rocking my world and I would love to know how many times I have sang their praises since then. For me they are the most consistent live band in the UK. They are the grandfathers of the New Wave of Classic Rock movement and latest album Shake a Leg proves why. An outstanding release and as it stands in my top two albums of the year.

I always know I am in for an amazing night when these boys play but every time they surpass the previous show and every expectation I have for them. I cannot say this strongly enough…I love this band. I have said on many occasion this is a band I could watch every night of the week.

There is a lot of songs off Shake a Leg tonight and normally that would put a downer on the night as you know some of your favourites will be dropped but with such a strong album you do not miss the others.

They open with “Show Me What it Means” and we go straight into that amazing riffage and in an instant I am in my safe place. As well as good music you can also expect some colourful shirts and tonight we are treated to the best. Stevie has obviously run out of charity shops for his attire as he has gone for a label this time and Seeks has a cracking Black and white number.

It is followed up with album opener “Lift Your Head up” and “Movin on Up” and the place is jumping. The only thing missing from the 70s is the LSD and flowers. Then we come back to an old beauty in “Good on Me”, yes, the skinny jeans are back and I already loved this song and missed it from recent sets but when they melt it into ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man it becomes 100 times better.

The other cracking surprise tonight is “Skyman” and its new addition of “Still of the Night” and Stevie sang the hell out of this, in fact Mr Coverdale could take a few pointers these days.

The only disappointment tonight was the turnout but with Saxon playing the same night it was always going to be tough, I for one would have been there any other day of the week but I cannot miss these boys and I wish everyone else would hurry the hell up realise how good Bad Touch are.

Tonight is a very upbeat night musically but we take it down with “Believe in Me” and this is where Stevie shines and how anyone could not fall for that voice when he drops it amazes me. Maybe one day the band will play a full acoustic set up here and I can tell you now that would be something special.

Bad Touch are on the brink people, They have proved they are not a flash in the pan and they continue to deliver the goods time and time again. It is just a matter of time and they will take forward their brand of Southern blues/rock and dominate the world. They are going to be massive.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie

Bad Touch @ The Cathouse, Glasgow

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