Bad Touch’s new album “Shake A Leg” Oct07


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Bad Touch’s new album “Shake A Leg”

To coincide with the release of Bad Touch’s new album “Shake A Leg” on Friday 5th October, the band will launch the official music video for their new single “Lift Your Head Up” same day. The music video was directed by Ciaran Paddy Fallon.

Please feel free to post the video on your website on Friday 5th October.  Here’s the link to the video

The video link is unlisted but will go live from 10am on Friday 5th October, so please feel free to post the video any time from 10am or after on Friday 5th October. Thanks.

The new single “Lift Your Head Up” was remixed for radio by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Stone Broken).  The official music video features Romesh’s remix of the single.

Bad Touch’s third album Shake A Leg follows their 2016 album Truth Be Told featuring the single 99%Shake A Leg takes a more personal and ambitious approach in song-writing and production due to the bands choice to write more spontaneously within the studio itself resulting in more emotional ‘in-the-moment’ performances. The album features 13 hand-picked songs that originate from a collective of all the members influences which they proudly wear on their sleeve.  “We wanted to the album to embody songs that not only sounded fresh and exciting, but also communicated lyrics that meant something to us on a personal level that our fans could identify with,” says guitarist Rob Glendinning. Bad Touch are looking forward to performing tracks from the new album when they tour the UK in October and November.  More info about the new album and October UK Tour:

Enjoy the official music video of Bad Touch’s new single,  “Lift Your Head Up”.

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