Three Days Grace @ SWG3, Glasgow Oct18


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Three Days Grace @ SWG3, Glasgow


Three Days Grace @ SWG3, Glasgow

Three Days Grace may not visit Glasgow often but they came, they saw and they kicked our ass tonight.

Opening the show are Bad Wolves and if I am honest I was still to be won over by this band but I was willing to give them a chance since I was in such a good mood.

First things first, hats off to singer Tommy Vext who was in a hospital bed just three days prior. The fact that he made it to the stage is incredible but to be jumping about like an extra in one of the Planet of the Apes movies was mind blowing.

I cannot lie and anyone who was here no matter if the biggest would have to agree his voice struggled big time. Maybe if he had calmed down and taken it easier the voice would have been better but that is not Tommy is it?

I never caught him as a replacement in 5FDP but I did see him covering a few songs with the band earlier this year and it was enough to make sure I checked the band out but for all their antics and amazing stage presence the songs were not for me.

Even the finale of the cover of zombie(which I love) could not save it. Tommy’s vocals just could not cut it tonight. The band are doing well so my personal opinion will have no bearing on them and its a case of each to their own but the boys are showmen and they will keep you mesmerised throughout the show.

I have waited a long time to see Three Days Grace and with latest album “Outsider” being their best release for a while I was delighted to finally get to see them.

I have been hyped for a while for this and as soon as those electronic keys of “The Mountain” started I was lost. The crowd kicked it off from the moment the band took the stage and with the excitement going to overdrive at the end of the song the audience broke into the favorite chant of here we, here we, here we fucking go, it bounced around the room and was not going to be ignored so the band just jumped in and turned it into a full blown 3DG song.

The guitars and drums of “Home” blasted out next and Matt Walst just looks like the coolest motherfucker in his long army jacket and matching boots, ripped jeans and uneven haircut. He struts around that stage and shows how much cool credits he has garner in all his years on stage.

This goes for the whole band and with over 20 years as a unit they know what buttons to press and how to get a crowd in a frenzy.

The tempo comes down as we get the into to the amazing “Pain”. This is one of my favourites and as Matt bounces between both mic stands and guitar…where does the mans talents end?

Back to Outsider now and one of my top tracks in “Infra-Red”. The crowd has obviously lived and breathed this album as it is shouted to the rafters in here. We also get the insight into how it was written about that very special connection that two people can have and that is very rare.

Next up we have a left and right hook combo in “World so Cold” and “you Don’t Get me High Anymore” and with those two songs and so early into the evening you finally realise just how many good songs this band has.

For me the highlight was smack bang in the middle of the night as the stage is cleared and the acoustic guitars come out. “Love Me or Leave Me” was just sublime, Matt was note perfect and the tension as the vibe was turned down was brilliant. At this point I had moved from the front and stood at the raised area near the back which was for wheelchair users and less mobile and those folks nearly out-sung the band. I loved the passion flowing over the barriers and the fact that these people were just as immersed in the moment as everyone else.

They followed this up with “Get Out Alive” and this was just a follow on as it had everyone singing in unison, tones lifting to the roof and floating back to the band. Yes, these songs made the night for me and I was in heaven.

That may seem a funny statement considering songs like “I hate Everything About You”, “Painkiller”, “Animal” and Riot were to follow but those moments showed me a band in their prime, able to change things up and get an audience entwined in your show. This was masters at work and I just hope to hell they come back soon.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie



Three Days Grace @ SWG3, Glasgow

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