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Hard Rock Hell 12 Hafn Y Mor 10/11/18 Day Three.


Hard Rock Hell 12 Hafn Y Mor 10/11/18 Day Three.

The final day of the festival and stage two was pretty full for the first early band of the day,

2018-11-10_01-BadFlowers-4 The Bad Flowers, this trio from the Black Country were formed four years ago and are Tom Leighton Guitar/lead Vocals, Dale Tonks bass and Karl Selickis’ drums. They play hard and heavy rock and the sound of their Midlands counterparts is there to be heard: Sabbath, Priest etc but all done in their own style; the loud thudding drums, the deep bass, and excellent guitar work and powerful vocals from Tom made for an entertaining start to the festival. Having released their debut album Starting Gun early this year they played many songs from it and if I’m right they are still an unsigned band, but seeing them today and the audience reaction I don’t think it will be long before some one comes knocking on their door with a pen and contract.

Second band up NWOCR favourites

2018-11-10_02-RydersCreed-4Ryders Creed, where do I start with this band, they have had an incredible eighteen months since being formed, last year’s HRH Highway to Hell winners, a two album five-year contract with Off Yer Rocka recordings, loads of endorsements including Cloven Hoof, and a fantastic feedback from their self-titled debut album, not to mention a huge fanbase of Creedlings. Having played the main stage here at HRH lead singer Ryan Antony announces to the crowd “it’s so much better to be here on the smaller stage seeing all you people here and being so close”. It’s the first thing you notice about these guys, the love they have for the fans: never forgetting they’re there, reaching out touching and talking to them and that’s one of the reasons they are so popular. The other four members, bandana wearing (but not for long) Lee Spencer, Myles Cooper guitar, Richard Clark bass, and Lee Gilbert drums play all aspects of rock, vintage rock n roll, heavy 70s/80s metal, funk, blues, it’s all there to be seen and heard in their performances. Once again, they played a great set mixing the genres around but never once forgetting who put them where they were, and at the end of their set thanking the NWOCR group and all the fans who had helped them on their incredible trip so far. With lots more to come from the Creed next year I look forward to following them on that journey.

First on the main stage and just twenty-five years old

2018-11-10_04-KalebMcKane-5 Kaleb McKane is an incredibly versatile musician singer/songwriter guitarist pianist, guitar teacher, this young man surrounds himself with music and with a slight comparison to Bowie he certainly has his loves in hippy style clothes and 70s music, having played with legendary Spiders from Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey and getting praise from some of the best musicians and producers in the world. I don’t think it will be long before he will be hitting the big time, he’s about to go on tour with the great Scorpions guitarist Uli John Roth, unfortunately due to having to do some interviews I was only going to see a short performance from him but I really look forward to witnessing a full set in the future. I did get to interview him later in the afternoon and I found him to be a very interesting young man and I really enjoyed learning more about him.

I got back to catch a little bit of the

2018-11-10_06-Hawklords-4 Hawklords: this band a mini Hawkwind you could call them, seemed to have been around for ever, in fact I have been a lover of both bands since I was a young lad and let’s just say I’m not now. Playing their distinct style of space rock their psychedelic music echoed through the whole of the main hall and although the crowd wasn’t huge, I could see some younger people dancing to their

music so it has definitely stood the test of time.

Off to more interviews and then back in stage two for Smoking Martha

2018-11-10_10-SmokingMartha-4Smoking Martha

from Australia, the tall singer Tasha dressed in a leopard skin dress certainly has a stage presence with an unusually high pitch to her voice; while not being unpleasant was at times tonight a little flat but she did say that they had only just flown in and were tired. The other three members Mick guitar, Matty bass, and Jordy drums played songs from their album In Deep a pop punk sound that didn’t really wow me but the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

While I was watching Martha LadyGigger was photographing

2018-11-10_11-JohnCQuo-2Coghlan’s Quo and gave me some info about their set, although not being a huge Quo fan herself, she enjoyed them. Kicking off with crowd pleaser Caroline and Roll Over Lay down this Quo band play lots of tunes that true Quo fans remember on the earlier albums when John was the original drummer for the first twenty years, he wanted it to be different and let fans hear some of the forgotten songs from the early days of Status Quo, Rick Abbs Lead vocals and guitar (and also in a local to us) Quo tribute band Dog Of Two Head, Mick Hughes guitar, Rick Chase bass/vocals were really popular with the crowd who sang along with everything.

(Thanks for the information Carol x)

There were some young and interesting bands to follow on stage two so I decided to stay put, really glad I did for the next band were

2018-11-10_12-Loved_Lost-4The Loved And Lost, a melodic/symphonic metal four piece from Birmingham (great to see so many female fronted bands this year) and Jordan Quinn with another incredible voice, beautiful melodies and a powerful stage performance is certainly the nucleus of this quartet, not taking anything away from the rest of the guys: guitarist Dan Fletcher, bassist Jack Bates and excellent speed drumming from Sam Ward: they had the crowd headbanging and dancing all the way through their set and Jordan and Dan stepping into the crowd for selfies and a dance certainly did them no harm in entertaining them. I enjoyed their energy and the way they interacted with the audience was terrific.

Next a young band from Cornwall

2018-11-10_14-RidersToRuin-3 Riders to Ruin, Rob Summers – Vocals, Tim Mills – Guitars Adam Hicks – Bass and Tyler Siege Ireson – Drums, play hard and heavy riff driven rock music. They were excited to be playing and gave us songs from their ep Stuck in Overdrive.

Another young band next,


Red Hawk Rising a London four piece only formed early last year, they played with Marco Mendoza’s band on his tour this February and were publicly voted best new band of 2017 by The Carouser magazine. They are ready to release a debut album soon, and they describe their style of music as rock n’ roll with extra chilli sauce and I can certainly say that Derin Adebiyi Vox, guitars, Rich Wearz guitars, backing Vox, Steve Parsons bass and backing Vox, and tub thumper Tim Churchman were on fire tonight.Headliners on the main stage tonight were

2018-11-10_15-DeadDaisies-12The Dead Daisies, the American super group who I will be reviewing and seeing their tour next week in Oxford, so I stayed where I was…. Carol of course photographed them.

I wanted to see the headliners in stage two, as did many people because the hall was getting packed out.

2018-11-10_17-Demon-3Demon are one of the true legendary bands of the NWOBHM days and who I had been a big fan of back in the day I still class Don’t break the Circle as one of the true classics up there with Diamond Head’s Am I Evil, and The Unexpected Guest one of the best albums. Formed back in 1979 by charismatic and manic frontman Dave Hill the band eventually split up in 1992, but after reforming in 2001 they have been playing and entertaining crowds all over with their tongue in cheek satanic metal and madcap antics. Dave himself is up there with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Arthur Brown, and Alice Cooper for theatrical performances appearing on stage with his legendary demon mask he started with the classic song Night of the Demon with the insane crowd singing along metal horns akimbo, he then slowly takes the mask off to reveal his white vampiric make up, insane staring eyes and jester like smile to a huge roar. All the favourites were there! Sign of a Madman, Into the Nightmare, Have We Been Here Before all done with Dave’s brilliant humour throughout, telling jokes and pretending to bite the guitarists neck prancing around the stage like some stand up Nosferatu. Then leaving the stage and coming back dressed in dinner jacket, bowler hat and shades to sing The Plaque, and Nowhere to Run, this was one of the highlights of the festival for me: I laughed so much and loved seeing these guys again after all these years, coming towards the end of the set Dave was gasping for a drink, and when they finally brought him one he says to the crowd “they had the whip round then” to roars of laughter. Never to be taken seriously, Dave is as good now as he ever was, and the current line-up: Paul Hume guitar, David Cotterill guitar, Ray Walmsley bass, Karl Waye keys, and drummer Neil Ogden Drums accompany him perfectly, when they finally got around to playing Don’t break the Circle the hall erupted, everyone singing and horns high and proud. Ending with another classic One Helluva Night.

It certainly had been.

Past midnight you would think that most people would be tired now? but this is Hard Rock Hell and we don’t know the meaning of the word tired! step forward on to the stage

2018-11-10_18-TheWild!-3The Wild. I say step? more like fired out of a cannon, four crazy guys from British Columbia Canada, Dylan Villain lead guitar & vocals, The Kid rhythm guitar, Lucas ‘Boozus’ bass & vocals and Reese Lightning drums (loving the names) win the award for the most energetic, most happiest, crazy mad mofos of the weekend, they never stopped moving on stage playing in your face, balls to the wall rock/blues/metal. For a whole hour they had the by now well-oiled crowd pogoing, screaming, headbanging, and generally going apeshit at all they did. Jonni Davis you really pulled the stops out getting these guys to end the night, they played tracks from their album Wild at Heart and a brilliant version of AC/DCS If you want Blood and if the crowd weren’t wild enough themselves already;

This was to be the last ever HRH at Hafn Y Mor as a new venue has been decided at Great Yarmouth, but what a great send off to Wales.

The hard-working HRH crew had done a fantastic job once again and look forward to seeing you all next year in Norfolk for the next one.

Review by Dave Martin, pics by Carol Henson aka LadyGigger

Hard Rock Hell 12 Hafn Y Mor 10/11/18 Day Three.

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