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Senton Bombs Outlaws Review


Senton Bombs Outlaws Review

The Senton Bombs are what I like to call outlaw rockers, they hail from the seaside town of Blackpool and this is their fifth album Outsiders: eleven songs that are a mix of Rock n roll, punk, county rock, and indie, and it really shows the versatility of the band.

Starting off with the toe tapping Celtic sound of the title track Outsiders where lead vocalist Joey Class tells you we might not fit in but we don’t really want to with the intro “Some of us might fit in, some of us don’t know how”, that’s the attitude I love from this band, love us or hate us we’re not going away.

Into Who We Are, a real rock n roll sound to this one with the deep bass of Joey, great guitar work from both Johnny Gibbons and Damian Kage and the beast on the drums that is Scott Mason.

Violet Black takes you back to the Ramones and the sounds of American punk rock.

On I Am Ablaze drum Meister Mason certainly is on this, his feet are on fire speed pedalling for all he’s worth, a great thrash track and once again awesome work from all involved.

Reckless youth a slower punk number is it me? or has it got an Undertones vibe to it? Nothing wrong with that by the way.

Bury the Hatchet, the songs these guys do best, Irish punk, England’s answer to the great Drop Kick Murphy’s, a real anthemic Hooley song that would get anyone dancing and jumping around.

Remind Me of The Moon, a nice slow power ballad that shows the diversity of the Sentons, with great instrumentals and vocals throughout.

My favourite track on the album is Dead Revolution. Fast and frantic guitars, and the beast beating the skins to death, powerful vocals, great guitar solos, hooks, riffs, it’s got it all, what more could you want.

Video a slow riff driven tune with tongue in cheek lyrics; Joey sounding cheesed off with the world: great punk ballad.

Under Offer, a dark tune that reminds me of Sisters of Mercy, and The Mission, with a nice rock n roll riff and again the talents of this band shine with another musical gem.

Ending the album with Wake the Maker and a real eighties rock feel with a terrific guitar solo to kick it off, then the boys just do what they do best have fun and play good old Rock n Roll.

Outsiders is different to the other albums the boys have previously released I think, it has much more individuality on it, all their influences are there to be heard on every track, this is a well-produced album and a big step forward for the band.

They might be outsiders but I can guarantee after hearing this album the songs will stay inside your head for a long time.

Review by Dave Martin