The Dead Daisies at the O2 Academy Oxford  Support Massive Wagons. Nov22


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The Dead Daisies at the O2 Academy Oxford Support Massive Wagons.


The Dead Daisies at the O2 Academy Oxford 19/1118

With support Massive Wagons.

2018-11-20_O2Ox_03-DeadDaisies-9If you haven’t seen or heard the Dead Daisies yet then you are really missing out, formed in 2013 by Australian business man, aviator and guitarist David Lowy they are a musical collective of the crème de le crème of musicians. Many have been and left the band to go onto other projects but still guest now and then, and the current line-up is Lead singer and guitarist John Corabi (Ratt/MotleyCrue), Doug Aldridge lead guitar (Whitesnake/Dio), David Lowey guitars (Red Phoenix/Mink), Marco Mendoza bass (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake) and Deen Castronovo (Journey/Bad English) drums. Not a bad pedigree I hear you say? But not only have these guys been in some of the most legendary rock bands around they are the nicest most genuine gentlemen you are likely to meet, they play a mix of original rock and blues style songs as well as their take on some of their favourite classic hits over the years

2018-11-20_O2Ox_01-DDaisies_acoustic-3John always says at any of the gigs this is not a band/fan thing and never will be, we are all family here. Before the main set began, they laid on an early special acoustic set for the first fifty fans in the crowd and they have called this the Daisyland performance. They had prepared some kit, mikes and stools on the floor in front of the main stage ready for the set and it was a really nice cosy atmosphere, the band came out and greeted the fans, shook their hands and told them to get closer and just have fun. John said they were going to play a jam and that if anyone knew the songs sing along. Starting with Badfinger’s No Matter What which got me singing straight away, Deen on drums doing a fantastic version of Maggie May, and David and John;s duet of Ringo Starr’s Don’t Come Easy were the highlights for me. But that wasn’t the end of it: after the set instead of packing up and going off, they handed out posters for the fans and their manager, David Edwards (the dictator, his words not mine ) made sure everyone had them signed by the band and then the guys went and had selfies taken, chatted and hugged everyone, spoke to the kids that were there and it was a free meet and greet, yes! you heard me right FREE MEET AND GREET. not like so many of the huge bands around who charge exorbitant prices just to have a quick photo and see them, this was a joy to behold and I knew then exactly what John meant by family! They treated everyone like they had known them for years. This is all part of the Daisyland experience they want their fans to have, and one fan said to me never “mind the gig I could go home happy now”. Well done guys you deserve a massive pat on the back for doing this at your performances.

On to the main gig.

2018-11-20_O2Ox_02-MassiveWagons-2The support tonight was NWOCR favourites

Massive Wagons from Lancaster, formed in 2009 a lot has happened for this band since then, winning the HRH Highway To Hell award in 2017 then going on to win the rising stars at the HRH awards and now doing a huge back to the stack tour with Planet Rock. Things couldn’t be going better for the five guys, lead vocalist Baz Mills, brothers Adam guitar and Alex Thistlethwaite drums, Stephen Holl guitars and Adam ‘Bowz’ Bouskill bass. They play kick ass rock with a slight blues feel at times and with the spinning and kicking and general non-stop adrenalin of Baz, great speed pedalling from Alex, Adam’s fast deep and boomy bass, and some great solos from Stephen it was a great start to the night. They had a fairly large crowd in for them and they certainly delivered, playing many songs from their new album Full Nelson. They thanked the Daisies for having them along and had loved every minute of touring with them.

Now for the main attraction,

2018-11-20_O2Ox_03-DeadDaisies-5The Dead Daisies. They were playing a two-hour set tonight so everyone knew that they would be in for a treat, and by now the room was jam packed. Starting with Midnight Moses from their album Revolución a band favourite, and immediately John had the crowd hand clapping and joining in Evil, then followed Make Some Noise from the album of the same name which had them roaring at the top of their voices and this was only the third song in. A little later John, David, and Doug grabbed some acoustic guitars, Marco his bass and Deen on tambourine and did a four song sing along with the audience: Join Together, Something I said, Stay With Me, and a brilliant crowd mobile phone torchlight version of Let It Be, I have never seen so many handclaps and crowd singing in a long time. John then gave some information about a new horror tv series Welcome to Daisyland, which will feature Dead Daisies songs and will be scarier than some of his divorces and that’s f**kn scary says John. Then the title track Burn it Down from their latest album, along with all the audience participation there were some amazing solos from all the guys. Doug’s guitar skills are phenomenal, he must have robotic fingers the speed they go at, and David must have played a plethora of guitars throughout the night I lost count, and what can I say about bass man Mr Mendoza: apart from playing some of the best bass I’ve seen for years he must have had a never ending pocket of official plectrums because he never stopped all night flicking them into the audience (and yes Marco I caught the one you threw, cheers man), then we come to the monster on the drums, Deeno… tub thumping doesn’t even begin to describe what this dude does to the drums! He is in my opinion one of the best drummers on the circuit and after beating the living crap out of them all night the skins must have been waving a white flag. Onto a Rolling Stones rarity Bitch which Mr Corabi dedicated to all his exes, finishing the set with two off the Make Some Noise Album Song and a Prayer and Long Way to Go.

There was no way the crowd was going to let them finish yet and the claps and cries of “WE WANT MORE” could be h2018-11-20_O2Ox_03-DeadDaisies-2eard everywhere, they came back on and did a three-song encore, the Beatles favourite Helter Skelter, Mexico, and finally Deep Purple’s Highway Star… who needs keyboards when you have Doug Aldridge.

The band tonight played a two-hour twenty-three song set and earlier an amazing acoustic set, sure they play covers too? But who gives a flying f**k when you hear them played this well.

If this hasn’t given you an appetite for the Daisyland experience, then I don’t know what will! Buy their albums, go and see them live and become part of the family, there will always be a welcome for you on the Daisies mat

.Review by Dave Martin & Pics by Carol Henson aka LadyGigger.


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