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Cancel the Transmission, Live It Up Album Review


Cancel the Transmission, Live It Up Album Review

Cancel the Transmission were formed in 2015: quickly going on to win the young battle of the bands award in that same year, they are four young lads from south Wales, Justin Crowe lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Josh Thomas lead guitar, Ross Davies bass, and drummer Rhodri Jones. They have many influences such as AC/DC, GNR, and Metallica, in 2016 they released a four track ep Back To The Start which received great reviews from many radio stations and I am very lucky to have been able to review their first album Live it up to be released early next year, and after hearing it I am really surprised that this band are still unsigned.

For such young lads they have a real eighties vibe in their sound: nine songs that will have your head shaking and take you back to the early days of Def Leppard before they sold out and went all commercial and early Aerosmith, but also a modern feel of the Darkness and Airbourne. The minute the first track Come Get Some begins you get the deep bass intro and then the impressive roar of Justin followed by the infectious riff carrying the song and the tightness of this band is immediately there.

One-way ride with a Foreigner/AOR vibe, nice harmonies, great pounding drumming and sweet vocals.

Taking it up a notch with Can’t Get Enough with another terrific riff, pounding driving bassline, and Justin showing off his falsetto, a real rock n roll number with a nice bridge going into a blistering guitar solo and even a spot of double pedalling for good measure.

Take a Bow, with a Metallica deep bass and heavy drum thrash intro but then another one of those clever riffs that just automatically has your head banging, and Justin sounding very like Joe Elliott. This has a great guitar solo and will take you back to the Van Halen and Motley Crue Days of the sexual innuendo songs.

Light Up the Night which once again shows the tightness of this band and the lyrics tell you just how much they love playing music and Rock and Roll and love being on the road. Another excellent solo from Josh, “It’s just Rock Roll” they say but they really know it’s a lot more than that. They released this as a single a few months back.

A real early Def Leppard feel to the next track Back to The Start, a slow ballad with more excellent falsetto from Justin, a late 70s early 80s feel to this with lovely melodies and strong backing from everyone.

A love song or lost love with In Your Arms Tonight. This song is wonderful, it shows that Justin hasn’t only got the chops for the big numbers but he can sing a love song as good as any of them, beautiful guitars, lovely harmonies and a nice drum beat pushing it along, a gem of a song which should definitely be their next single in my opinion.

Lies: From a love song to one about the wrong kind of love, this is where drummer Rhodri comes into his own and shows his talents with a great solo to start the song, Josh comes in on guitar, then Justin and the heavy bass; but it’s the drums that drive this song along another 70s feel, it’s about having an affair and falling in love with the wrong person, great acoustic work also, another wonderful track, and for such a young band they sound like they have been together for years.

Final track Dance the Night Away and anyone who doesn’t hear the Def Leppard sound in this song hasn’t heard them before, it is a real homage to them with the lead guitar playing in the back all the way through, powerful vocals and bass and drums driving it, a great song to finish an even greater album.

I was really impressed with this debut by the band considering their young ages: they have a diversity in their music that should be congratulated, and I really do hope that it isn’t too long before they get signed up because too many people are missing out on this talented foursome.

Review by Dave Martin for Jace Medi