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Renegade Twelve LIVE


Renegade Twelve LIVE

Renegade Twelve were formed in 2014 and in 2017 they released their self-titled debut album; and now in 2018 they have decided to record a live performance of the album with some extras thrown in which they did at the Apex Club in their own hometown and release it as an album simply called Live. Brilliantly produced, this was a sell out capacity crowd of 650 who turned out to see their local heroes and having the balls to take a risk on releasing something live where there is no going back, shows the confidence of this young five piece.

They play a mix of melodic hard rock and metal with maidenesqe twin guitar solos from Jacob Mayes and Dan Potters, but also with heavy bass lines from Josh Barnard and some hard and heavy drumming coming out of Joe Evans they have a Pantera/Alterbridge sound to them as well. But the real heart of the band is lead vocalist Sam Robson, who sings classic harmonies and melodies but delivers a powerful death growl when he needs too, in fact he sounds different on nearly every song, along with his vocals he has a fantastic rapport with the audience and all throughout the album you can hear him interacting with them and more than once you can feel the emotion in his voice as he thanks the crowd for filling the hall and makes a speech, “We don’t get to play many sell out crowds like this and from playing a few years ago in shitty little places to this tonight makes it all worthwhile”.

I met Sam and the lads at an after party at HRH this year and apart from being a great bunch, they not only gave me this album to review they all went and signed it too.. that just goes to show their character. All the songs on here have clever hooks, terrific guitar solos, powerful vocals, and infectious riffs, throughout. Buy the Debut studio album then go out and buy this to capture a little feel of their live show: but the only real way to do that is go and see them for yourself and experience the talents of these five young lads from Suffolk.

I think this band are destined for big things and will be playing many more sold out shows and big stages, and look forward to see what they have planned for next year.

Track Listing 1, Vanity. 2, Bi-Polar. 3, MFC. 4, War Plane. 5, Rak n Roll. 6, This Town. 7, Heroes of Mine. 8, Bill and Chief.

Review by Dave Martin for Jace Media.