Gin Annie 100% Proof album launch Jan28


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Gin Annie 100% Proof album launch


Gin Annie 100% Proof album launch

Slade Rooms Wolverhampton, plus support 26/01/19.

Where better to do an album launch than in your own home town and Gin Annie had been looking forward to this for quite a while, with good presales of tickets they knew they were going to get a good crowd and with two bands supporting tonight they were in for a treat. The night was to be compared by comedian and MC Pete K Mally who entertained and introduced the bands. And it was great to see the original Gin Annie herself (sorry didn’t get your name) the lady who did the original artwork for the band.

The first band of the night

2019-01-26_LG-JM_01-OpGuillotine-4 Operation Guillotine, a female fronted five piece from Coventry, Alice lead Vocals, Fogal lead guitar, Rhys guitar backing vocals, Ben drums and new female bassist playing her first gig with the band Kate. Having spoken to Alice earlier she was really excited to be there for such a special night. They describe themselves as five lovable rogues who aim to bring good vibes to dark times. They play a mix of rock blues and funk, and kicked off with a hypnotic guitar intro followed by their new single No Victory, Alice has a great stage presence and it wasn’t long before the band had the crowd clapping along, some great funky sounds from Fogel on guitar they really enjoyed themselves on stage and it showed, there was a lovely moment when the audience lit their mobiles on the song Under the Light, they also did a rock version of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up which for me didn’t work, but I turned to see the ladies in the audience including the mother of Gin’s guitarist Byron, dancing along, so perhaps it was just me. A great start to the night well done guys and girls you did yourselves proud.

The room was gradually filling up and I worked my way to the front ready to watch the second band of the night


2019-01-26_LG-JM_02-Statement-3described by many as the greatest Danish rock band. They met Gin Annie whilst touring with them in Europe last year along with Diamond Head, and the lads asked them if they wanted to come and play on their album launch; having never being to England before it couldn’t have taken them long to accept their offer, I’m sure and it was a great opportunity to show what they can do. Formed in 2011 and now into their third album, the band Jannick Brochdorf lead vocals, Niels Alex Larsen lead guitar vocals, Lars Ulrik Le Fevre guitars vocals, Martin Poulsen bass, and Daniel Nielsen Drums, state their influences as all the rock and metal gods of the world, which says it all, these guys had me headbanging straight from the off thrash and rock metal with attitude: great harmonics, brilliant vocals, machine gun double pedalling, beautiful deep bass playing and this was the just the first song of the night Feeling Scared from their brand new album Force Of Life which they were showcasing tonight (and which I will be reviewing very soon so keep your eyes peeled people). By the time they were into their third song of the night, Hero Inside they had the crowd in the palm of their hands: these Danish dynamos really know how to entertain a crowd, some blistering shredding along with some fantastic songs Metallica Scorpions and Sabbath fans will go batshit for this band, and they even do a terrific metal cover of the Mammas and Pappas classic California Dreamin’ which is also on the new album. They will be touring with Gin Annie throughout the UK so do yourself a favour go and see them perform you will not be disappointed I promise you.

The crowd had really grown now ready to watch their hometown heroes

Gin Annie

2019-01-26_LG-JM_03-GinAnnie-3who had dedicated this show to Martin Hall, a very close friend who had lost his battle with cancer, you could see by the lads faces how pleased they were and excited to be playing tonight and performing their brand-new album live. Straight into New Bad Habit with lead singer Dave getting the audience joining in straight away and lead axeman Byron spinning around so fast he nearly lost his hat, another crowd pleaser with Fallin’ and this time they joined in the chorus without any coaching, Dave looked at the crowd and shook his head with a massive smile at the reaction and drummer Jack beating the holy hell out of the skins a fantastic live song, in fact I loved the album but you have to hear it played live to really appreciate it, there was no stopping them now: guitarist Brian along with bass man Phil the hammer and Byron playing some awesome triple guitar work and blistering solos from Byron. Then a quiet moment where Dave spoke about their friend Martin and his battle and dedicated Haunt Me to him, he asked the crowd to shine their mobile torches which they of course did, he struggled through tears to finish it but Dave you’re a hero… to show your emotion on stage like that it was a lovely moment and you all showed how much that friend meant to you. Speeding it up again and another crowd participation number Damage and the audience roared out, Hammer posing in the crowd for girls and their mobiles right in front of me loving every minute of it, then a song not on the album Already Gone followed by their single Love Aint Here. I love this band and I love the guys, the reason being through out the night they applaud the crowd and thank them for following them, that shows the character of these five lads and why they have amassed such a big fanbase: they are a real genuine fans band and I applaud them for that. Ending this brilliant night with Born to Rock n Roll, the sweat pouring off the fans in this hot atmosphere Gin Annie promised the show would be special tonight and it certainly was.2019-01-26_LG-JM_03-GinAnnie-12

Catch you on the road again soon.

Review by Dave Martin & pics by Carol Henson aka LadyGigger.

Gin Annie 100% Proof Album Launch

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