Inglorious @ The Garage, Glasgow Feb12


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Inglorious @ The Garage, Glasgow


Inglorious @ The Garage, Glasgow

Its time to put the troubles behind you for Nathan James and Inglorious and the best way to do that is to tour the brilliant new album Ride to Nowhere.

First up is an apology to first band of the night, Glasgow’s Darkness Divine. Due to the four band roster and hellish traffic I missed them. I am sorry folks but I will catch you later this month.

It looks like I was not the only one having troubles as next up Blind River

47059259201_1f7cc21b55_z made it to Glasgow with no equipment. With what was a disaster waiting to happen they borrowed all acoustic instruments and played minus the drums.

I was pretty much ready to write them off as there was no way this was going to reflect the band but how wrong was I? If you had no idea about this band(which I think most of the crowd had) you would have thought this was the norm for the band. It worked so well with their deep south, bluesy rock.

As a first impression as I hadn’t seen these guys before this one goes down as one of the best. The songs reminded me of the much missed Black Spiders. The recorded versions of the songs pack a much more guttural punch but seeing this stripped down was fantastic.

The boys basically walked on, kicked Scotland’s ass and then went to the bar. I will be watching out for them and I hope they make it back here soon as they made a lot of friends tonight.

City of Thieves

46335361894_a8ca5fbf71_z have had quite a buzz around them. Working with Toby Jepson can have done them no harm but I have to say I was left pretty unimpressed. The sound was a bit iffy but the Motorhead/ ZZ Top/ Airbourne mix just didn’t work for me.

By the crowd reaction I was in the minority so I will have to give them another chance next time they are in town as the album is pretty decent, it just didn’t come off for me live tonight.

Where to start with Inglorious?

47059258791_4b63a22378_z I cannot avoid the controversy around the band clear out and Nathan’s well publicised online melt down. I can only give my own personal opinion on this matter but I know there have been plenty of people who have slated him and even more who stayed away from this show based on it. I did worry that the venue would struggle to fill out but I was glad to see that it was well attended.

I have met Nathan a few times and he has been nothing but nice, he always spent time with fans for photos and signing autographs. The first thing I thought when everyone and their dog jumped in to comment was shut up(I shout that a lot at my PC). What do you want from your rock stars? I sure as hell do not want some boring pussy of a personality. I want my rock stars to be fucking rock stars, no matter what that brings.

I saw Ritchie Blackmore storm off stage and had to watch Deep purple play Smoke on the Water without him. I saw Yngvie Malmsteen send the immensely talented Jeff Scott Soto to the side of the stage as he had the cheek to talk to the crowd.

I may not agree with some of these(all of them) but I cannot dispute the talent and it did not put me off going to see them again. I realise not many singers get rid of pretty much a whole band…in fact the only one I can think of is one of Nathan’s heroes in David Coverdale. I think that worked out OK for him(even though I thought the best version of Whitesnake was gone).

The proof in the pudding was going to be tonight and in how this band performed. First things first a huge hats off to Nathan for replacing a whole band so quickly and hats off to the band for picking this up so quickly. The main thing to take from this is WOW, this band were outstanding. There is still a bit of gelling to do but that will come with gigs but individually they were outstanding.

Without disrespecting the new members I have to say Danny Dela Cruz is the find of them all. This 19 year old blew me away and from that one show I can tell you this young man is going to be a huge player in this industry. He is a maestro and looked born to be on a stage, there is also the small fact that he is one cool looking mutherfucker.

Down to what will make or break the band now and the music. They kicked off with latest single “ Where are you now” and its soaring vocals and huge chorus kicked things off to perfection. From latest album to number two and “Taking the Blame” with its Deep Purple vibe and you are well and truly in Classic rock domain.

We then move back to the debut and my personal favourite in “High Flying Gypsy”. This was the track that I stood to attention back in 2016. on my review of that album I stated this band were going places and my opinion has not wavered once since that day.

Highlight of the new songs was “Glory Days”, with its stripped back guitar and just Nathan’s voice this was incredible. The sound had struggled slightly prior to this as the vocals were drowned out but in this song Nathan soared, say what you will this man is up there as the best singers in the UK right now. He harks back to the best in the business. He has that English embodiment that Kossof, Mercury and Coverdale had. The only person close to Nathan over the past few decades is Danny Bowes of Thunder. I am sure both of these guys could sing the phone book.

There were some touching moments as he sang to his late Grandad and told us that day his Nan had been taken to hospital and we wish her a quick recovery. This is the side we as punters do not see, the cost of the business and what they do to entertain us. I have heard many a band play on through problems in their own lives and something we forget too easily. This to tells you a story about Nathan, a story that means more to me than any snide comments online.

As we close in on the end of the show the band go for broke with “I Don’t Need Your Loving” and “I don’t Know You”, one song of many from “Ride to Nowhere” where I thought how much influence did the issues with the band have on these new songs, even the album title lets you think of where Nathan must have felt he was.

We do get an encore and Nathan lets us know the encore routine is bullshit but makes light by saying you need to make some noise when we go off as you know all about my ego. The sloppy riff for “Holy Water” comes on and then we get that voice in full swing again. This is that early Whitesnake blues dripping tune and one that Inglorious do to perfection. With the Whitesnake theme comes the John Lord sounding intro of “ Until I Die” and the night is completed beautifully.

I think there may have been a few punters here tonight holding judgment, there may also have been those that were curious of what all the noise was about and I can tell you that they were not disappointed. Inglorious are going to carry the rock monicker for the UK. They are idols for the future and they are here today so go see them now before you cannot get a hold of a ticket for their arena shows.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie


Inglorious @ The Garage, Glasgow

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