Nobody Could ESCAPE THE FATE In The Limelight Belfast Feb04


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Nobody Could ESCAPE THE FATE In The Limelight Belfast

A brisk and sharply cold evening encouraged metallers of all hues to step quickly in through the Limelight 2 doors. There at the front of house, The Distortion Project and DME Promotions warmly welcomed everyone to a bit of emo metalcore rock to help warm up the blood.

Tonight, for the punters’ pleasure were not one, not two, but three hard edged and well honed bands from much sunnier climes. THE WORLD OVER, SLAVES, and ESCAPE THE FATE were going to put on a performance to let everyone know they may be in a temperate climate but their music was anything but. Having been unable to hit the emerald isle shores the day before for their Dublin gig meant this was the first gig on the island and of their Ireland/UK tour. And as is the way, playing in Belfast, Northern Ireland, they did both in the one gig!

First on stage was THE WORLD OVER,

pbm (4)a four piece metalcore band from LA but tonight were down ?? the bass layer as his UK visa did not appear. They kicked straight off with “Let Go”, un-recorded and brand new “Song one” (so called as it was so new they hadn’t a name for it yet) and “Rewind Replay”. Melodic, visceral at times, soft catchy choruses and fast riffs swept them along to a small but appreciative audience.

On into another so new a song they had no name for it other than “Song 2”, then “The Wars We wage”, and “Traitor”. Taiday Bell sang her heart out as she jumped, spun and flailed herself about the stage as the drums thundered and the guitar work of ?? intricately span through the air. They finished their set with “Mountains”. There really should have been more in to see this but it may have been the timing of such an early show that may have played against them. Shame on those who did not get there earlyenough, as they missed a great band.

Up next was SLAVES,

pbm (5)a band from Sacremento, US, and slammed in immediately with “I’d Rather See Your Stars Explode”, “Back To The Roots”, and “Pretty Trappin”. Putting them immediately on spot as up beat radio friendly and crowd pleasing.

On they went with “True Colors”, “Deadly Conversations”, and “Warning From My demons” with a growing crowd of well impressed metallers finding their lighter side of rock and metal. There was just the right amount of chat which was accentuated as the lead singer, Jonny Craig, had an interesting fight with his

mic. It had decided to throw a curve ball and stop working but as the technician ran back and forth trying to fix it and a little bit of DIY from his band mates on stage the music did not stop flowing. Something like this may have put others of their stride, but not Slaves, as they showed the crowd they were a true professional outfit of entertaners in action.

They finished their set with “Patience Is A Virtue”, “I Know A Lot Of Artists” and “Let This Haunt You” to a very appreciative audience of new emo fans.

Finally, as the Limelight 2 filled to capacity came

pbm (6)ESCAPE THE FATE hitting the ground running with “We Wont Back Down”, “On To The Next One”, and “Ashley” to a roar from the crowd and as animated a bunch of people as you could get in a packed space. Craig Mabbit, the lead vocalist, worked the crowd with ease and the band looked completely at ease as they demonstrated what metalcore is all about. As they belted out “Something”, “The Flood”, and “Let It Go” the place just kept swinging swaying and moving with an energy that put the cold night air out of everyone’s mind. The place was filled to the brim with ESCAPE THE FATE fans who gave the band a run for their money on remembering the words to each song.

Craig, Robert, Thomas, Kevin, and tour bassist Erik, were in their element and it showed as they fed of the crowd and the crowd fed of their stage presence.

“You Are So Beautiful”, “This War Is Ours”, and “10 Miles Wide” kept the energy rising in the place, smiles very visible on everyone there as many remembered when they first bought the album “This war Is ours” with nostalgic joy. Without missing a beat the thunder of metalcore, punk rock, and metal aggression rolled of the stage, delivering a show of pure controlled belligerence that the crowd lapped up without hesitation. The heat and energy in the Limelight could have powered Belfast for a week.

Continuing the riff laden, hard hitting, screaming vocal driven metal they duly dropped “Harder Than You Know”, “Its Just Me”, and “Do You Love Me”. There was no stopping the ESCAPE THE FATE juggernaut as they hammered home perfectly “Remember Every Scar”, “I Am Human”, and “Broken Heart”. The crowd could not get enough but as with all good things it must come to an end and Belfast got “Gorgeous Nightmare” and “One For The Money” as the cherry on top of a punk rock/metalcore show.

No punter left disappointed, as sweat dripped and smiles across faces were 10 miles wide.

The full show was an amalgam of steel edged metalcore tinted music that hit home to the crowd ‘This was a show that was not to be missed’. THE WORLD OVER, SLAVES AND ESCAPE THE FATE were quintessential performers that highlighted their chosen genre with finesse, energy, fun and thumping music.