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 Jace Media (15)

At Jace we have worked extremely hard to develop a client roster that represents our fierce work ethic and what we hare all about. This includes working with amazing independent labels and up and coming bands and singers

Our aim is to break new acts or fully publicise heritage artists, work our magic in the digital marketing realm and devote ourselves as fully to our projects as our clients do to their product.

Between us we have run and played in bands, promoted gigs, booked tours, presented radio shows, marketed CDs, licensed material from major and independent labels, edited fanzines, written for a long line of internet and printed magazines and, most importantly of all, spent most of our youth obsessing over, and spending almost every penny we had, on music.

As well as offering music PR, were here to offer advice because, for the most part, whatever you are thinking about your band or label weve probably been there.

If we could leave you with one lasting thought it would be this: we wont sell you a ‘package’ we will create something just for you. When your project means the world to you, it means the world to us as well.

Time and time again, research has shown that music is the number 1 way for a brand to connect with an audience. We have a proven track record working with international brands and integrating them into our campaign.


Our services include:

      • music website design

      • HTML email design

      • data capture solutions

      • database marketing and analysis

      • search engine optimisation

      • social media services (including fan-gated Facebook pages)

      • online advertising

      • digital photography

      • copywriting for web

Whether combined with an excellent national press or online music PR campaign or used on their own, these digital services can really help to generate awareness of your act and help you build an online fanbase.